Bitcoin in 2020: the growth rate, huge demand and the development of scalable

Rapid rehabilitation of the market revived the interest of institutional investors to Cryptoprotected. Partly the sharp increase may be associated with a limited supply of the asset. Founder StillMark Co. Alice Killeen in a recent video stated that “in 2020 the coming shake-up proposals” of Bitcoin, which resulted in the demand for first cryptocurrency to grow significantly. Appetites will be observed and among the wider public of Bitcoin, because at the time she most likely will have direct access to the asset.

Also, according to a venture capitalist, Lightning Network has led to “a higher level of infrastructure development”.

One of the main disadvantages of a network of Bitcoin is considered long scale. However, I believe that scaling of Bitcoin has demonstrated one of the most rapid advances in the past year.

Killeen cited the development of the decision of the second level. It stated that its rapid adoption can be attributed both to early users, and entrepreneurs who are building solutions on top of the network. Then she also noted the development of a sidechained in the network of Bitcoin.

We are seeing the introduction of technology Saidjanov, including a network of Liquid Blockstream, which gives us a new breadth and depth of uses of the blockchain. Not be amiss to mention achieve at the basic Bitcoin Protocol, including the Schnorr or Taproot, as well as the introduction of Segwit. All of these solutions solve the problem of scalability.

The price of Bitcoin could rise to 60 thousand dollars by August 2020

One of the key indexes to quite accurately track the price of BTC has for many years been the ratio of Stock-to-Flow or the ratio of stocks to flows. And as shown by a recent analysis of charts, price of Bitcoin will reach 60 thousand dollars by August 2020.

Source: Digitalik

The model is the ratio of stocks-to-flows to asset generally represents the number of assets that are available or stored in the reserves divided by the annually produced volume. This is an important index, because a higher value of S2F reflects the annual increase or decrease of the inflation of the asset. Gold has one of the highest ratios of stocks to flows, which makes it preferable for investors around the world — partly due to scarce nature.

Expected increases in prices in August 2020 can also be connected with the upcoming alvingham rewards of Bitcoin, which is scheduled just for may 2020. Halving the reward for each completed block will cause an even greater effect of the deficit, which in turn should push prices up.

Source: Medium

As the graph shows, the projected index S2F after halving placed at the level of 55.92, which will bring its value to gold.

We will remind, recently a well-known analyst PlanB predicted growth of capitalization of Bitcoin above a trillion dollars by 2028. Then he, too, was guided by the model the ratio of Stock-to-Flow. In our cryptodata of hontarov you will find many other useful information.

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