Bitcoin has risen to 838 million percent in ten years

Yet no single asset in the history of mankind has not reached the level of profitability of Bitcoin in such a short time. A digital deficit, laid the basis for the cryptocurrency was vital to its success and rapid increase of values. So, for the first ten years of its existence, Bitcoin has risen to 838 million percent. What will happen in the next decade?

The best investment mankind

Ten years ago, was made the first market transaction through bitcoin: 5050 coins sold for 5.02 of the dollar. The translation is marked in the blockchain and forever entered the history of cryptocurrencies as the first buying BTC for real money.


Cryptomnesia the Sayfiddin Ammos noticed unrealistic profits that could fuck the owner of the coins if I saved them till today.

Ten years ago today, 5050 BTC sold in just 5.02 USD. Today, the value of these coins would have reached 42.17 million dollars. A profit of $ 838 078 685 percent.

Here is his tweet.

Bitcoin remains the best means for capital accumulation.

You can think about Bitcoin all you want, but the reality of the law of supply and demand is quite severe. Ten years ago, the demand for money was already above her suggestions. Somehow, a decade and 17 million coins later, Bitcoin is still desirable acquisition.

Even with the major correction through which the asset has passed since the start of this summer, in 2019, he managed to gain about 120 percent of its value. Opponents of cryptocurrencies may extol gold, but the profitability of the precious metal amounted to only 16.5 percent for the same period of time.

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While the future of Bitcoin looks quite bright. Following the law of supply and demand, its price will only increase as the supply of cryptocurrency seriously will fall in the coming years.

Recall that in late April-early may of 2020 the network of cryptocurrency is waiting for the so-called halving — that is, reducing the rewards per block Bitcoin twice. Now it is 12.5 BTC, and after halving will be reduced to 6.25 BTC. In previous times the reduction of the award was the reason for the growth rate, although this time it might be different.

Twitter is common to see a logarithmic graph of the growth of Bitcoin over the past decade that is tailored to the falling sentences of a coin. In the future, the course should reach a million dollars for 1 BTC.

Source: Twitter

By the way, millionaire John McAfee believes that this event will happen already in 2020. He is so sure that he promised to eat of his body on national television, if his prediction will not come true. In any case, we are waiting for an unforgettable show, and John already gets crazy PR.

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