Bitcoin has fallen, what happens next? Version cryptocurrency trader

Today Bitcoin is trading at $ 8350. Coin shows almost two-percent daily growth, whereas its market capitalization is 142 billion dollars. Market share — 37 percent. The situation was commented by the trader Dmitry Lavrov.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate

The cost of Bitcoin has been declining over the last few weeks. 10 may the rate exceed $ 9,300, and then proceeded to fall. Experts attribute the turn with the sale of large stocks of cryptocurrency wallet with Mt.Gox. Read more about this here.

Dmitry Lavrov admits the continuation of the trend, according to RBC. The possibility of reducing connected with the fact that Bitcoin was not able to jump over the psychologically important mark in 10 thousand dollars. Now the coin could drop to $ 8,000, then switches to growth. Expert calls this price a good option to buy.

If the rate will continue to fall, next support level will be the mark of 6500 dollars.

Over the last week, market capitalization fell by 53 billion. This daily amount of debt has decreased insignificantly — from 21.58 to $ 20 billion.

I hope for the prediction and rapid recovery of the positions of the coins.

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