Bitcoin has fallen, what happens next? Review of Professor

On Sunday, the Bitcoin exchange rate suddenly rushed down. The price has fallen from $ 7623, and now for the coin offer about 6500 dollars. Market capitalization fell to $ 111 billion, but the share of the first coins has grown. Now it exceeds 40 percent. The situation was commented by the Professor of the Department of financial management of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate. Unfortunately, negative

The market followed the leader. Today, the total capitalization is equal to 275 billion dollars, while daily trading volume is just below 16 billion.

According to the Professor, chair of financial management Constantine Ordova, wait for the market recovery is premature. His words leads RIA.

The fall of Bitcoin have formed a noticeable crater, which is “dragged” followed by quotes from all the leading cryptocurrency. Another burglary exchange Coinrail does not add optimism to the market, despite the placement of shares of the Argo mining company on the London stock exchange.

The prediction of the expert does not look happy. If negative news background will not interrupt the positive news, Bitcoin “can test the level in the area of 6 thousand dollars.” Even if the coin will rebound to 6.7-7 thousand dollars, in the near future this will not fix the current negative trend, says Ordov.

Looks like the next couple of weeks we have actively hoglet. Good luck in this difficult case. If the forces are exhausted, and the hand reach for the button sale, come to our Telegram chat for support.

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