Bitcoin grew by 125 percent for several years. PayPal think this is not enough

Financial Director at PayPal says companies are still “too early” to invest in Bitcoin — even though growth on 125 thousand percent over the last seven years. According to him, sellers are unlikely to accept payments in bitcoin due to the strong volatility of the currency. Their position John Rainey announced during an interview for Yahoo! Finance.

To PayPal like blockchain

The company will continue to monitor this space, but still a delight that is called the blockchain — is inherent in the Bitcoin technology.

I’m sure even if merchants decided to take cryptopedia, they would have immediately converted all coins in more steel currency. For example, euros or dollars. We try to remain impartial. We have a team that works on the blockchain projects and cryptocurrency in the future we will certainly work with this industry. But it was too early.

PayPal shuns new technologies?

In principle, this position is nothing new — the ratio of PayPal to Bitcoins has long been clear. But it is important to note that only since the beginning of this year, the coin grew by 81 percent: from $ 3763 1 January to 6782 dollars to date. It turns out, PayPal continues to doubt, while the profitability of Bitcoin ahead of commodities, stocks and gold.

Given the enormous growth of 125 percent from 2012 and the many positive predictions about the next record rates in the next year for financial companies slightly short-sighted to say that “too early” to start working with Bitcoin.

What do you think about the relationship PayPal to cryptocurrencies? Whether the choice makes the management of the company? Waiting for the opinion in our cryptodata of hontarov. Fresh courses of cryptocurrencies, along with the capitalization project is in the ranking of coins.

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