Bitcoin, gold or bonds? Half choose the first option

Former U.S. legislator and presidential candidate, is well known for its prescriptibility position, had tweeted an interesting poll. The results are intriguing: from 95 thousand people, the majority would prefer to invest in Bitcointhan in gold, Fiat currency or bonds. It is worth noting that the network is quite active cryptocurrency community, so the results can be higher than on other platforms. In this recent personal interviews in the UK and Russia also showed a fairly high degree of loyalty of the population to cryptocurrencies.

Recall, Ron Paul was not always a supporter of Bitcoin, but recently spoke out against the taxation of cryptocurrencies. He believes that this will prevent economic recession. Under the terms of the investment survey of the Floor should remain intact until 2028. It is supposed to show the respondents ‘ trust in the stability or growth of the selected option.

A rich man gave you 10 thousand dollars. And you have a choice in what form you will get the gift. But with a caveat: before you can pick up a gift for yourself, you need to wait 10 years. Gift in what form will you choose?

After the end of the survey, half of almost 95 thousand respondents voted for Bitcoin. 37 percent chose gold. And only 2 percent agreed to take US dollars. As written by Bitcoinist, the poll results Ron Paul is a direct contrast to the skeptics, which only fueled the recent collapse of the price of the coins.

For example, a member of the governing Council of the ECB Benoit Keru believes that Bitcoin is “an extremely clever idea, but unfortunately, not every clever idea is no good”. Moreover, he called Bitcoin “evil offspring of the financial crisis of 2008”. More data look at cryptodata.

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