Bitcoin ETF will be approved before the end of this year. Expert commentary

The U.S. Commission on securities and stock exchanges once again stormed the headlines after another delay decision on Bitcoin–ETF from VanEck. In fact, most in the crypto community wasn’t even surprised. Representatives of the community believe that before the release of the so-called Taxonomy Token Act regulators will continue to postpone the decision. However, managing Director Dave Nadig optimistic.

During a conversation with CNBC Nadig noted that despite delays and changes in the deadlines, all the power in the hands of the SEC.

SEC can do what you like: just walk down the path and kick the can.

However, he also believes that despite all the signs of a positive outcome for Bitcoin bulls, the ultimate decision is “not imminent”. However, he suggested that a Bitcoin ETF will be approved before the end of this year. The ETF project was carefully reviewed all the issues that relate to the safe storage, handling trade outside the jurisdiction of the United States, as well as liquidity.

Contrary to the belief of many, regulators are “still collecting information”. Therefore, the final decision will require a little more time than expected. The market has come to maturity. Only then controllers will be able to make decisions for the good of Cryptoprotected.

Why the SEC is in no hurry to make a decision?

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Recall, this is not the first time regulators postponed a decision on a Bitcoin ETF. All previous applications have been rejected due to the presence of different defects. The latter, according to VanEck, was thoroughly revised in the last proposal.

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