Bitcoin does a new competitor. Bullrun in 2019 may begin with a Ripple

XRP for quite a long time shows a flat graph. Only by the end of 2018, the space began to fill a long-awaited headlines about the success of the company, including new partnerships with major financial institutions. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency support and large players in all financial sectors, including managing Director and Chairman of the IMF Christine Lagarde. This may be a precursor to mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the real sector.

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New friends Ripple

The company has managed to establish beneficial partnerships with major banks and financial institutions around the world. Among them, the GMT in Israel, Akbank in Turkey, MoneyGram, American Express, CIBC, Earthport, as well as many others who wish to use the technology of the blockchain Ripple for cross-border payments and other tasks.

According to representatives of Akbank, Net they use Ripple to transfer £ the British company Santander that specialize in financial services. Recall, this confirms the forecast of the General Director of Ripple brad Garlinghouse that by the end of 2018, at least one Bank will use xRapid.

In addition, the community XRP were rumors that the WB may be in close cahoots with Ripple. However, it sounds too good to be true. However, there is clear evidence that the world Bank is considering the possibility of using cryptocurrency.

The Chairman of the IMF Christine Lagarde said that “they are changing the money”. She wanted to draw attention to the cryptocurrency revolution that’s happening right now. Then brad Garlinghouse tweeted approval of her words.

Lagarde is absolutely right: they are changing the money. Digital assets not only help to solve the problem of affordability, but also the very real problem of fragmentation of the global payments system — it is logical that Central banks will lean in the direction of cryptocurrency.

Under the current banking and financial system the transfer of money between countries is time consuming and causes a huge costs. It is here that ripple comes into play, and the main transition currency is XRP. Fiat currency connected ineffective system of currency conversion, which is subject to the problem of ensuring liquidity.


The use of XRP as a transitional currency will help to make cross-border payments within a couple of seconds. And unlike traditional banks, XRP and Ripple can be used around the clock and seven days a week.

Network xRapid will significantly reduce or completely abolish Nostro-accounts to work with that complicated and pretty expensive. Banks will increasingly be reserved transitional currency, which will be the XRP.

Ripple and XRP: the transfer of any currencies, assets and goods

According to Naveen Gupta, considering all the new high-profile collaboration, team ripple and XRP is planning to win over the entire cross-border payment industry, the volumes of which reach 155 billion dollars.

Ripple is not just a company… we are here to bend the Universe… Six years ago, our company was founded with one purpose – to allow people to transfer money as of today, the information is transferred.

XRP steadily gaining an audience

  • Recently, the crypto currency exchange Coinbase announcedthat talistic 30 new assets, among which are XRP. Recall, Coinbase is famous for its scrutiny and in-depth study of all assets before adding to the site. However, despite this fact, in the cryptocurrency community there is a rumor that such a move was triggered by a bear market that had consumed 80 percent of the trade volume of Coinbase.
  • Among the news there are statements by the representatives of the 40-year-old brokerage firm TD Ameritrade that they consider adding XRP in a number of its assets.
  • The largest travel website Travela, which represents more than 500 thousand properties in 200 countries, announced the possibility to book an accommodation with XRP.
  • A supporter of Ripple under the name “XRP Vibe motivation” posted on Twitter a map that shows all partners that use the blockchain ripple’s. In addition, there are crypto currency exchange supporting XRP.

Source: Twitter @XRP Vibe motivation

The FUD around the market capitalization XRP

Not long ago, the community was shocked by the information about inaccurate mapping of the market capitalization of XRP. Marketing Director at Ripple Cory Johnson said on Twitter that the information presented on CoinMarketCap without all the XRP that are in escrow.

In response, the representative of CoinMarketCap formally invited Johnson to use a special function of updating information on the website, if he’s interested.

At the end

Given such an aggressive progressive movement Ripple and constant new cooperation and prospects of technology xRapid banks worldwide, we can confidently talk about the imminent rise of the price of the coins. This may well be the main catalyst for the next cryptocurrency bullrun. In addition, we cannot exclude that the XRP with the proper calculation of market capitalization and a sharp rise in prices may subsequently bypass the main cryptocurrency — Bitcoin.

The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies. More data look at cryptodata.

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