Bitcoin can not grow after halving

Cuts in rewards per block Bitcoin is one of the most anticipated events among cryptoendoliths. There is a perception that halving will be a key prerequisite to a new phase of parabolic growth of the cryptocurrency. At least this has happened after previous such procedures. In theory, the miners having extremely disadvantageous, as their income must fall sharply twice. Hodler hope that the increase in the price of BTC after halving compensates for the loss.

But the co-founder of the largest manufacturer of equipment for mining Jihan Wu urged businessmen not to lose grip and to seek new ways of optimizing the mining of cryptocurrencies. At the conference, Digital World Mining Summit in Frankfurt Wu said that the price of Bitcoin may not respond to future events as the majority wants.

Better invest in mining

That is the motto made Jihan Wu at a recent event in Germany. He noted that even a short-term correction Bitcoin is not a reason not to invest in its production.

Now on the market a lot of uncertainty, but now is a good time to invest in mining. If I were a miner, I would have continued to reinvest their money in hardware for cryptocurrency mining, even though we are in the middle of the short term price of Bitcoin.

By correcting Wu probably has in mind the fall in the value of BTC below $ 10 thousand in the end of September. We will remind, from the moment of reaching the annual maximum of the cryptocurrency has fallen in price by 40 percent. Today it is trading at 8429 dollars.

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But at halving, according to the CEO of Bitmain, it is not necessary to lay high hopes. Not to be at a disadvantage in the next year, miners should now start looking for ways to optimize their business.

It is very important to count your opportunities in the long term. If the price of Bitcoin does not change much after halving will have to improve the efficiency of equipment for mining, in order to stay afloat.

Recall that in late September it became known about the new service Bitmain called Digital World Mining Map (WDMM). This platform will allow those with lots of equipment for mining cryptocurrency with owners of large premises, which could accommodate asik.

And you are waiting for the so-called Year after halving? And if not, then it is ready to drop in rewards for the blocks of Bitcoin without the price increase? Bet on the future exchange rate of BTC in our cryptodata millionaires. Waiting for you there.


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