Biologists have created a detailed model of cell division to study it right now

Daily in the human body is the division of trillions of cells is an extremely complex process, during which they replicate their chromosomes and equally distribute mitochondria, membrane structure of the Golgi and other organelles in the daughter cells. Researchers from the Allen Institute was able to create a detailed visualization of what is happening with the cell processes in three-dimensional models, which anyone can watch right now.

Online tool Integrated Mitotic Stem Cell was established on the basis of microscopic images of cellular organelles 15 and 75 of human stem cells at different stages of division. Each structure, which includes microtubules, membrane and nucleolus, color-coded visualization for the first time in history allows us to consider their movement in so much detail.

Once you see the process of dividing a full pattern, you can begin to discover new, unexpected patterns, and ask and answer entirely new questions about cell division — shared Rick Horvitz, one of the authors of the project.

Thanks to the detailed imaging, researchers have made two important discoveries. First, in the second phase of the division they have found a “trigger point”, when in the cell there are a large adjustment simultaneously in all organelles. Second, they were convinced that before the divergence of chromosomes in the structures of the cell everything is “standardized” way.

The researchers want to use the tool to examine the differences between dividing normal and cancer cells. To explore the created 3D model can be anyone right now by visiting the website Integrated Mitotic Stem Cell.

Scientists learn about cells, more and more information. For example, researchers from the University of Michigan recently discovered that cells use tissue fibers as “slingshot”, and with great speed rush in the right way.

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