Binance updated API. The exchange can start trading on margin

After the recent API changes largest crypto currency exchange Binance users noticed traces of integration of margin trading. One of the inhabitants of Reddit has attracted the attention of the community that the API response Binance ceased to be the official documentation. We are talking about data presented on GitHub.

If more, then API now includes two additional Boolean variables whose value can be only true or false. While one of the variables is called isSpotTradingAllowedand the second isMarginTradingAllowed. As you can tell already by the names of the variables, there is a possibility of implementing functionality for margin trading on the site. At the time of writing, all responses from the API variable isSpotTradingAllowed set to true (enabled), and isMarginTradingAllowed — false (disabled), and 482 for all trading pairs.

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Binance previously mentioned margin trading in your Wallpaper, however, the features expected only after the spot trading and futures contracts.

By the way, margin trading is not exclusive innovation. Other crypto currency exchange has long been provided this opportunity. In February, the largest Maltese cryptocurrency exchange OKEx added to its platform four new trading pairs with leverage up to 100 points. And in December last year, the Hong Kong crypto currency exchange Bitfinex has launched the margin trading with steilcoom Tether USDT against the U.S. dollar.

More data look at cryptodata. Over the course of the coins stay in the rating of the cryptocurrency. There are graphics, capitalization and even the price of tokens in rubles. Traders will appreciate the increased trading volume in recent days by all the participants of the rating.

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