Binance runs from regulators, but in the end will lose. Report MIT

The world’s largest crypto currency exchange is playing a dangerous game with the regulators. She continues to work as if the market is still bullish, that is, including increasing the capitalization at the expense of ICO. The experts at MIT believe that in the end, the exchange will lose the regulators.

Binance appeared in 2017, but it quickly became the world’s largest sites. Perhaps its rapid growth is associated with regular listings, numerous tokens. This gave the advantage on the background of the same Coinbase, which has long worked only with a small number of the largest coins. However, the exchange almost from the beginning focused on the Asian region, which showed much more activity in Kittredge.

Report of experts from MIT, emphasizes that in fact Binance plays cat-and-mouse with regulators and politicians around the world. This implies quite high risks one day to be caught.

First, the researchers pay attention to the part in the ICO sector. Exchange under the leadership of Zhao Campanha launched Binance Launchpad, a platform that helps blockchain startups to pursue ICO and attract a much wider audience. And even despite the crisis of this market, just a few months ago Celer Network has collected $ 4 million through the platform Binance in just 17 minutes.

In addition, the exchange has serious shortcomings on the part of the user registration. Its KYC policy is contrary to the policy of AML in the United States, Western Europe and other regions. In this case, the stock exchange presents the largest number of crypto-currencies and tokens.

Many of them are Bitcoin, the Ethereum, Litecoin, BSV Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash is well accepted in most parts of the world. But most of the projects presented do not correspond to the rules of regulators in the regions.

We will remind, only last year, the exchange twice, shifted its headquarters, and all because of the onslaught of the regulators. Now officially Binance is located in Malta.

But this does have a downside. Given the incredible scale of the exchange, regulators are increasingly forced to cooperate with it than to fight it. It allows you to create better legislation to facilitate the development of cryptocracy.

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