Binance Chain running successfully. The exchange revealed details of the translation BNB with blockchain Ethereum

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance released new details about starting their own blockchain Binance Chain. It is intended to serve cryptocurrency BNB, the capitalization of which has exceeded $ 3 billion. According to the company, the migration of coins from the blockchain Ethereum will hold from 19 to 22 April.

The balance sheets of the BNB will transfer to the new native blockchain Binance Chain. In addition, BNB-tokens on the basis of Ethereum will be destroyed, and equivalents will be created in the new network. Also according to representatives of the exchange, the original proposal of the BNB will be 200 million tokens, 48 million of which freeze, and a 5 million — will be destroyed.

23 APR Binance plans to complete the transition to the new blockchain, after which users will be able to address in Binance Chain for requests for withdrawal of BNB. The output will be arranged in the form of a mechanism to convert the token BNB ERC-20 in tokens BEP2 [Binance Chain] BNB.

If users want to keep the tokens in the version of BNB ERC-20, they will have to bring to the Ethereum wallet until April 23. After this date the output token ERC-20 will be closed. All converted ERC-20 tokens BNB will be publicly burned Immediately after this, the members of the team announce a new Explorer and blockchain web wallet. However, the exact date of these events is not yet known.

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For the first time about starting their own blockchain Binance mentioned in March 2018. As it was reported, Binance Chain is not just a platform for tokens BNB, but also will allow the companies to produce their own tokens.

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