Bill Gates supports a project to monitor the earth through a constellation of cameras

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Showed Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft support for a new install planet Large of mobile cameras on satellites in space to monitor the entire surface of the earth in real time around the clock, seven days a week, and joined also to a group of investors in the field of technology such as Masaioshi Son, CEO of SoftBank SoftBank engineer and entrepreneur Greg Wyler and Airbus.

Illustrate the company EarthNow that was founded in 2017 and behind this project through its web site: “in the EarthNow, we create you the means to get to see almost instant anywhere on earth in real time, allowing you to view live and filtered from the planet Earth, and through the constellation of satellites advanced custom development, the EarthNow will save you videos in real time of the earth enhanced smart autoresponder”.

The company plans to EarthNow in the beginning to provide videos business services the vision of smart governments and companies, and company a number of use cases for the constellation of Earth observation such as to capture the work of illegal fishing, watching the cyclones and hurricanes during its development, detection of forest fires at the moment you start, and watch the volcanoes in the moment they begin to erupt.

In addition to assisting the media in telling stories from all over the world, tracking the great whales during their migration, and to help smart cities to become more efficient, and provide data on demand about the health of crops, monitoring the conflict areas around the world, as the company also plans to create videos to broadcast live of the land for the people can be reached via smart phones and tablets, such as Google Earth, but with the image in real-time.

Said Russell Hannigan, the founder and Director of the company EarthNow in a statement: “we are excited about the possibility of giving everyone a window all in real-time on your world from space”, nor is there at this stage any information about the time plan in which the company EarthNow to promote the whole range of its, as they did not reveal the size of the initial funding that I got from Bill Gates and other backers of the project, focusing the team at the current time on the system design and project planning.

The idea of cameras in the space which monitor the earth at all times, privacy concerns significantly, the company says on this subject, the imaging devices own will not be able to monitor individuals, and EarthNow to appoint the privacy of his mission to make sure that the company meets the privacy laws in the jurisdictions where it operates, in addition to respecting the privacy community.

The company explained “we will work closely with governments and the public in general to address the privacy concerns, providing coverage of the visible earth for the benefit of mankind and our planet, we also plan to full compliance with all laws in the jurisdictions in which we operate”.

Bill Gates supports a project to monitor the earth through a constellation of cameras.

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