Bill buy Apple components from factory of America amounted to $ 60 million

(VCSEL) chips.

During the past eight years have contributed to Apple to double the number of jobs associated with the sector of technical in the United States more than three times thanks to its investment in them by purchasing ingredients for the manufacture of its devices from US companies.

Thanks to the investments of the fund and the advanced manufacturing of the Apple TV, the company Finisar has transformed an abandoned building into integrated factory with its own working module manufacturing VCSEL laser beam that enters in the manufacture of the camera face recognition in iPhone Exe.

The size of the spending fund advanced industries company last year alone, 60 million, an increase of 10% from the previous year, bringing the number of jobs created or supported by Apple to 2 million jobs in all 50 states compared with 600 thousand jobs were 2011.

Collaborating Apple TV with 9 thousand industrial companies in the United States buy from them ingredients included in the manufacturing of all its devices. Starting from Corning to protect the screen, passing through the with Broadcom and Qorvo and Skyworks, which classified the components of the wireless network of various contacts for iPhone.

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