Beware the bears: analysts do not expect an immediate withdrawal of Bitcoin from the recession

With each major correction or bear market Bitcoin usually requires more time to recover and reach new heights. In 2017 cryptocurrency bullrun primarily fueled by retail traders and private investors, and unprecedented attention from the media. It was little more than a year ago. According to some investors, including Winnie the Lingam, this time the recovery will take much more time.

Like earlier this week, said one of the founders of Ethereum and founder of Cardano , Charles Hoskinson, stock market full recovery may take 11 years, so investors better be ready for it. In his opinion, at that time the society will live in a completely different ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency will be millions, perhaps even billions of users. Then they will become very consumer phenomenon. We will use them everywhere – even grandma will be able to use the crypt. Most disputes settle, most of the issues.

Writes CCN, Hoskinson also reflect on how we obtain private keys by inheritance, as will be resolved the issue of taxation and what will then be the regulation.

We will remind, in the end of last year the founder of project Civic Vinny Lingham also claimedthat the Bitcoin for a long time not through the mark in 5 thousand dollars. And although opinions about long-term prospects of Bitcoin are very different, one thing is for sure — most investors crave strong volatility of BTC in the short term.

More data look at cryptodata. The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies. Today, the three leaders are still behind Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum. Their courses are 3608, to 0.31 and $ 117, respectively.

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