Beware of this link that makes any iPhone collapse !

Discovered by security researcher Sabri Horseshoe a new way to make devices iPhone, iPad, and crumble using a code of 15 lines written in the language of web design CSS.

Use code gap engine Webkit on iOS, which takes advantage of the Safari browser, and has the code on the back door so they use all the resources of the device available is what lead to the iPhone restart itself.

This code can hide it as normal (the Second Link in the tweet below) any Web page almost Facebook and Twitter, and fortunately it is not loaded with malware and all it does is the registry and reboot the iPhone, iPad, or freezing of Safari If open on Mac devices.

Says horseshoe that agree with Apple on that gap received it check in the topic, but anyway can not use the vulnerability to steal user data or run malicious programs, have confirmed the cyber-security firm Malwarebytes to iOS 12 in the experimental stage still suffers from the gap.

Source: Tech Crunch

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