Better scheduling of replacement battery iPhone damaged may affect the rate of translation


When Apple announced that it would replace Batteries For iPhone affected for just$ 29 instead of$ 79, it is clear that there are some consequences for her decision. For example, replacement battery vs. the$ 29 is offered much cheaper than buying phone iPhone New, this means that it is logical for the customers to choose this offer.

This also caused a surge of customers to the Apple Store to replace the batteries in their smart phones, which in turn led to a delay in operations to replace batteries in Devices some customers for a few weeks due to great demand. However, it seems that this delay can be in favor of Apple because, according to the analyst Mark Moskowitz from the foundation of Barclays, improving the times of replacement batteries can really affects on the number of customers who decided to upgrade to smart phones, the latest.

This is logical because if he had customers to wait a few weeks or months to replace the batteries, lost some choose to simply upgrade to phone latest instead, especially if they are using older versions like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which was launched three years ago. Of course, there are some negative side effects to delay the operations of replacement batteries because that would cause resentment customers, the loss of confidence in the company, and jump to the ship logo another vehicle or other platform.

During the event, which revealed the Apple announced its financial results, said the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook that they didn’t take into account how it will effect the programme of replacement of batteries on the rates of promotion, and they simply want to do the right thing. He also revealed that Apple is also aware of the provision of discounts to possible customers who paid the full price of 79$ to replace the battery of their smart phones before the announcement of the programme of replacement batteries.


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