Better programs turn your computer into a distributed net wireless

Turn your PC into a distributed net wireless

Participated for the networking sites

We use internet daily to and Macs different tasks, it has become the online language of the era that is irreplaceable, in this topic talking about the best software that can make your computer or laptop router wireless distribution of communication on different types of devices within the home-so they can in turn connect to the internet through the computer.

These programs that we will talk about the topic enables the user to create a distribution point WiFi – Wireless.

connectifyThe best software to convert PC to wireless

Program connectify

Famous program is one of the best software to convert laptop or computer to a Wi-Fi hotspot, don’t say this program supplies the user many services, especially the participation of online-only, but also merges more than point contact, to increase the speed of the network.


Defects of the program connectify

Enter the secret to this program live to free its limited for two days only, thus not recommended for those unable to pay the subscription after the expiration of the period of the pilot.

My public Wifi

This program works on the to set up a WiFi connection from your device whether your device laptop or computer, after that you can connect to all devices existing in the region by linking them to transfer Wi-Fi that has been created, the course must provide a disaster Wi-Fi in the device .


The most important advantages of the program

  • The ease of use of the program.
  • Free software make it a favorite of a lot of users .
  • The possibility to control the number of users connected to the point established by the call.
  • The speed of the connection through the program.

Program Wi-Host

Is one of the professional programs in the establishment of a Wi-Fi hotspot, even works correctly includes the operation of all his powers by clicking on the option Run as Administrator .


The most important advantages of the program

  • The program is 100% free .
  • The possibility of establishing a connection point Wi-Fi has been contacted by way of phone or tablet.
  • This software works on Windows Vista – Windows 7 – Windows 8 only.


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