Bett 2019: the Aesir know for your Chrome Book, led by 12-inch wave of students

آيسر تُعلن عن جهازي كروم بوك بقياس 12 بوصة موجهين للطلاب

The company announced the Aesir for promoting their products that are running Chrome launched today two new are Chromebook 512 and Chromebook Spin 512 led 12-inch two waves of students. Both devices come with dimensions 3:2 inch and clearly screen 1366 x 912.

Features Chromebook 512 the presence of a processor Intel Celeron N4000 dual core, it also comes with the optional webcam and accurately 5 mega pixels, the starting price of 330$.

The Chromebook Spin 512 comes with higher specifications than his brother, where the Pentium processor Silver N5000 quad-core or Celeron processor N4100. It also provides feature to move 360 degrees to be used as a tablet completely, and has a camera background accurately 8 mega pixel next to the front camera accurately HD, also supports pen Wacom EMR stylus which can be stored inside the machine on the way the phones note. This device comes at a starting price of$450.

And the Aesir that the organs come resistant to shocks and falls as she waves to the students, where the first system makes it difficult to move any of the buttons to the keyboard, the second screen is protected Gorilla Glass antimicrobial. As both underwent the measurements fall at a distance of 1.2 meters.

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