Bett 2019: Google talk about 30 million devices running Chrome and 80 million users to pack G Suite educational

Bett 2019: قوقل تتحدث عن 30 مليون جهاز بنظام كروم و80 مليون مستخدم لحزمة G Suite التعليمية

Think Google one of the key enterprises in the integration of education technology through services and systems as well as devices which it offers, has used the Bett 2019 tutorial technical to talk about the most important numbers that arrived to the company for their services and regulations around the world and the big challenge in this direction.

The company said that its idea to provide tools for schools and that started in 2006, which later became called Pack G Suite education, 13 years after that up to 80 million users around the world between students and teachers. As to its application or rather its platform Google Classroom serving more than 40 million students and carry out their tasks in a creative way.

The most important thing at the moment for the company, it is the arrival of the operating system Chrome to 30 million users, a system that benefited the companies producing computers and tablet devices in the development of its organs addressed the students, being characterized by lightness and its beneficial properties the business office at a price of a few.

Said Google that Japan adopt a clear example of the importance of its system and its education, as it is considered mainly in its schools-on pack G Suite and Chrome Facebook in order to reach the goal of the state to teach students programming languages coming 2020. As the company explained about the use of large devices, Chrome Facebook in Australia and New Zealand, where Junior High School students throughout the city of Canberra, the Australian they believed the Chromebooks in 2018, while students in New Zealand think Chromebooks as the primary option in the majority of them.

And on the other side of the world, Brazil had the mandate of the state of Bahia a place to another to attend the services and systems Google mainly for students, which is the case with the majority of European countries, notably Britain, and don’t forget the importance of that in America and Canada. But security is the adoption of such technologies and services in the education systems of the Arab and take advantage of Bett 2019 to improve the level and the interaction of the students and to sensitize them for the future.

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