Best VPN services free to use in 2019

No longer choose the free VPN services is always a great idea, because some of these providers have bad intentions will plague your personal information or your browsing history (or both) to the highest bidder. For this reason we always recommend to pay a few dollars a month to get a VPN service a good reputation.

However, there are a few providers of VPN trusted who offer the plans free, but they have some restrictions very few almost all of them gives you, instead of monthly data and some of them can identify the location of the automatically, if didn’t bother you, it may be a virtual private network free VPN a great choice for you.

The following is here are the best free VPN services for Android also available all of them also on other platforms including Windows and iOS.

Get service free VPN TunnelBear, which is owned by McAfee, for 500 MB of data per month. It’s extremely easy to use and doesn’t require you a credit card to participate, as well as it you can choose between servers in 22 countries including United States, Germany, Australia, India and more.

Enjoy TunnelBear policy of non-registration to enter in order to facilitate its use, as it offers free data additional valid over the course of the month, you can also download the app TunnelBear on your computer, if you need more data than 500 MB in a month, you’ll need to use a paid service which starts its price of $ 5 per month if you paid upfront for the whole year.

  • The nitty-gritty:

  • Instead data free: 500 MB per month
  • Server selection: manual – available 22 site
  • Car not logged in: yes
  • Paid services: start at $ 5 per month

Service works VPN free Kaspersky like magic, but no limits like the rest of the services in this list, they offer 200 MB of data per day or 300 MB if the app is linked to the account My Kaspersky, which translates to 6 GB per month at least, that’s not bad given that it’s free, as there’s no option to record the data, additional free like with TunnelBear.

He also owns a number of sites server available, but you can’t choose any of them to connect using the free plan will vary by the service automatically, so application is easy to use, allowing you to start browsing anonymously as soon as a simple click, as is participation in a virtual private network is easy as well, so you don’t need to share credit card or email address with the provider.

There are plans to driven available it also, works to provide unlimited data and the chance to choose the server location, with starting prices from about $ 2.5 per month if you choose an annual plan.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Instead data free: 200/300 MB in today
  • Server selection: automatic
  • Car not logged in: yes
  • Plans driven: start from $ 2.5 per month

There are a few things that make Hotspot Shield one of the best free VPN services that you can get, it offers 500 MB of data per day or about 15 GB per month, this is more of what you will get with most of the free VPN services and other.

It is also very easy to start using it, because you don’t have to share your email address or your credit card information with the service providers, simply download the app on your device, and clicking on “contact”, then she will be ready for use, but is the main disadvantage that you cannot select the server that you want to connect – the application will do this automatically, as it there are also advertisements present in the Android app.

Like the rest of the services in this list, the Hotspot Shield has a zero tolerance policy, also offers also plans a paid start from $ 2 per month to get rid of ads the rest of the other restrictions.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Data allowance: 500 MB per day
  • Server selection: automatic
  • Car not logged in: yes
  • Plans driven: start from $ 2.5 per month

Provide VPN service free Phantom of Avira, as opposed to monthly data capacity of 500 MB, which is lower than the some other service providers in this list, however, it lets you connect to any of the sites of the forty available, unlike some other services that determine the server automatically.

As to the procurement process it hassle-free, simply download the app, identify the location, then run the VPN start browsing anonymously – there is no need to share any personal data with the provider, also offer the free version all you get with the premium plan, with some exceptions.

And restrictions on the plan, you will have to use paid plans, you will set your annual plan to $ 78, which translates to 6.5 dollars per month.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Data allowance: 500 MB per month
  • Server selection: manual – 39 available
  • Car not logged in: yes
  • Plans driven: starting from 6.5 USD per month

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