Best routers master innovative that came in the CES the year 2019

Detection of CES this year about the significant development in the technology of routers filters made of different companies, where she presented this year to devices that support Wi-Fi standard 6 speed the best in hardware, along with network systems.


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Expect a lot of users a new generation of routers that are transmitted to the supported standards and speeds Wi-Fi 6, I have kicked off already these devices at CES 2019 where new technical ب802.11AX, as added versions this year from the routers feature support Assistant Amazon virtual Alexa, along with the support speakers the Google Home smart audio.

Netgear-Orbi-Wi-Fi 6

Router Orbi Wi-Fi 6 from NetgearNetgear

Better routers made at CES 2019, which includes the standards of Wi-Fi 6 support better speed in communication devices providing signal to devices in the vicinity, as confirmed by company Netgear to Wi-Fi 6 Orbi offers speed GB wireless in all of the connected devices, also comes the router with Fastlane3 that support the performance of high-speed rail, it is planned that this version is available in the second half of 2019.

TP-Link Deco X10 Mesh Wi-Fi System

System routers TP-Link Deco X10 Mesh

Router Deco X10 mesh from TP-Link is a version of another characteristic of the routers disclosed in the CES 2019, where this release supports also the standards of Wi-Fi 6, to support the coverage of high-speed devices used in the home, it also offers your links to Deco this year with a new design is cylindrical and larger than last year’s version, also supports the design of this year’s LED lighting shows a slot in the top which show the status of the machine, so comes at the price of 349 dollars at the end of 2019.

Router AC1900 Mesh of D-Link

Comes device AC1900 Mesh of the D-Link as one of the best routers smart revealed in the events of CES, where this version features a guidance system double support the strengthening of the network when connected devices D-Link mesh in an integrated network, where the system can be composed of two or three units to support a stronger cover to the user.

Also comes router AC1900 Mesh seamless experience in control and adjust settings, with the Automatic Update feature of the Software, Support Assistant, Google virtual, and also the assistant Alexa from Amazon, also comes this version introduced the free to subscribe to a protection service McAfee Secure Communication and the internet in the region, coupled with smart connected devices, is scheduled to stop the router D-Link AC1900 Mesh in the spring of 2019 at a price of 159.99 dollars.


Device links Nighthawk AX12 from Netgear

Features Nighthawk AX12 stylish design with a distinctive technique, which supports standards Wi-Fi 6 the ability to support calling super speed with a transfer size greater than the data of a larger number of devices, also supports fast Wi-Fi up to 6 GB per second, with the feature distribution of the signal via the 8 antennas to support coverage of the highest performance.

D-Link EXO AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh-Enabled Router (DIR-3060)

Router EXO AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh from D-Link

It is also one of the smart devices that were submitted this year from D-Link, which can be used in an integrated network by pairing more than one unit of the device to support a wider coverage in the region, as Comes also this version with a subscription for a period of 5 years in system protection McAfee Cloud.

Also called a spirit master technical smartphone to the device via the speaker through the Assistant Google virtual assistant Alexa, is scheduled to stop D-Link EXO AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh – for sale at a price of $ 200, almost, as required for sale in the second quarter of 2019.

TP-Link Archer AX 11000 Gaming Router

Your Archer AX 11000 from TP-Link

Is router possible games submitted from TP-Link this year at CES, Where comes Archer AX 11000 standards Wi-Fi 6 to support the higher speed standards for players on the internet, it also features a processing unit at a speed of 1.8 GHz with four cores, also supports the speed of 10 giga bytes per second, so the improvements in the gaming experience, is scheduled to be available next month priced at $ 449.


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