Best program to lock apps on your smartphone

Smartphones currently contain a lot of confidential data. And even if not to take into account the personal correspondence and photos, that you can recall banking applications, program for notes and so on. In addition, when we pass the device to the child, he may accidentally to remove something or to buy. Therefore, in addition to block the smartphone would be extremely useful.

Close access smartphone!

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AppLock — First among equals

AppLock is probably the most popular app for Android lock. You can use it to password protect any specific app on your phone and prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, the program allows you to hide pictures and videos from gallery and store them in a separate repository. In addition, you can set different profiles to block specific applications, add a fake icon for the blocked application and include the fingerprint recognition.

Download: AppLock

Norton App Lock — From the makers of anti-virus software

Norton is a fairly well-known name in the field of antivirus software vendors. However, the company also offers a program of a different kind. For example, Norton App Lock is completely free, and besides, has no built-in ads and other “joys” of modern applications. You can lock your app with a PIN code, biometric sensor or the unlock pattern by strokes. Protection photo and video is also present.

Download: Norton App Lock

AppLock Privacy – Your personal protector

Privacy AppLock has already mentioned the whole “gentleman’s set” of options for hiding apps, so that repeating them does not make sense. I would like to stay on the distinguishing features of the program. For example, to unlock the application, you can assign a function to shaking. Or “hide” it in the error report at the start of the program, when to get access you need to perform certain actions in the window of this “error”. And yet there are no annoying ads. As there is none in our news group in Telegram. Be sure to subscribe!

Download: Privacy AppLock

AppLock IvyMobile — Confuse all traces

From IvyMobile AppLock allows you to lock almost everything on your device. In addition to all third-party apps, it will allow you to protect contacts, gallery, settings, email and so on. Moreover, to unlock, you can also “shuffle” the keyboard to type. For example, you can swap some numbers, but appear they will in the old place. Why is it necessary? Well, for example, this option useful to include in crowded places and then even if the attacker and saw that you have entered the password, it does not recognize it, as it will not remember the sequence

Download: AppLock IvyMobile

Perfect AppLock — Almost ideal

Perfect AppLock lets you protect anything you can come to mind: from the applications and settings of the smartphone to the operation of the modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the ability to access the Internet. But still there is a option for creating photos with selfie camera smartphone in case of a wrong password. This way you will be able to know in person those who tried to encroach on your device.

Download: Perfect AppLock

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