Best phones 2018 in the world and their prices

أفضل هواتف 2018 في العالم

In 2018, imposing a cut-screen “notes” screen phones are the same and the number of cameras and the background and spread cancellation policy entrance to the heaven of the traditional and the prices continue to madness, to you these choices for the best 11 smartphone pioneer for 2018 knowing that they are ordered randomly and not according to for the better .

1 : phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The phone that Huawei has developed its full design and characteristic and performance of the charger is fast in a phone box and support for the wireless add-camera actress that has proved its worth in various lighting conditions, whether strong or weak stretch phone the strongest and the best specs this year and experience the fast process in different conditions of Use and do not forget about the possible technical challenges such as the footprint in screen resistant to water and dust the phone’s price $ 880 on the website of the market . Com .

2 : the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung continued its success with the Galaxy Note 9 killed in its design with the added dual camera a strong, young, vibrant, high and the structure of the glass is solid with technical features like water resistance scanner iris pen scanner sophisticated as to raise the capacity of the battery, the phone’s price $ 825 on the website of the market . Com .

3 : Iphone XS Max

Is the phone which revealed the strategy the new Apple TV when dared the police, jumped to the screen to 6.5 inches and is one of the best phones of the year in terms of the experience of the use geranium hand structure and performance cameras and technical merit and are all things I put the phone of the best this year has also been improved battery performance and add storage options such as new 512 GB but we hope to continue to improve the best time of the battery with reduced prices where the starting price of 1230 $ version 64GB, and even $ 1450 a copy of 512GB on the website of the market . Com .

4 : phone +HTC U12

Beautiful design and workmanship, durable and fast performance large-screen ultra-high definition with technical features like water resistance and fast shipping successful HTC in all of it with her phone +U12 so they added dual front camera in the phone as well as the rear camera performance is very high, the price of the phone starts from 690 $ to market website . Com .

5 : phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Improves from here it is the first company to add RAM 10 GB although this percentage is exclusive for the country but it opened the door to add this feature, the phone camera sliding mechanically up and structure of the ceramic with the latest processor from the mini qualcomm and multi-radio start from 6 until 10, everyone’s here that the phone starts from a price of 474 $ to 575$.

6 : Oppo Find X

Dared Obi here the camera slider were the early companies that do it, the design, when we saw him struck by no doubt the most beautiful phone we’ve seen this year in terms of shape, design, feel modern and trendy provided a strong screen performance fast camera Special already taking advantage of the high police of the fact, thanks to the slider widget, which we hope will not weaken with the passage of time mechanically or cause problems for water resistance, the phone’s price 930$.

7 : the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Although he did not present a new design for the S8, but this does not negate that of the best phones to 2018 both in terms of workmanship, design and performance of nurses technical cameras they are all details found by looking for the telephone pilot, we hope Samsung to renew the design in the next phone upgrade the battery capacity, the price of 600 $ to buy my contact and 64GB .

8 : phone OnePlus 6T

Still OnePlus standing in front of the equation good price for a strong and hope to continue to do so at the price of $ 550 you will get a phone with the specifications of the powerful, fast performance and huge with the improvements introduced by the company on the camera compared to last year, as well as sensor fingerprint in the screen, but we hope to improve the capacity of the battery .

9 : phone Honor Magic 2

One of the most beautiful phones of the year and the most style fashionable the design of the sliding window and mechanically on the way for Oppo Find X, but the difference here is that raising and lowering the window is manually and not automatically when opening the camera application that came device with the best specifications with the latest processors, Huawei and all large and powerful performance fast and supports fast charging and all of this makes it worth the economy, the price of the phone $ 550 .

10 : phone the Xiaomi Pocophone F1

The imposition of this phone is the same list through his description of leading like a processor Snapdragon 845 starting price of $ 300, although the structure of the phone is plastic, but the specs make the phone a lead with his strong Archers 6 or 8 GB battery strong and giant and support Fast shipping the combination of these specs and this low price special treatment

11 : LG phone V40 ThinQ

Maybe I didn’t check the LG a strong jump for her phone V40 Five, which was launched this year too, but this is not to deny that the phone is better this year the screen attractive very structure of the workmanship, design, performance and photos are all things that make it worth the economic and light weight makes it easy to load the camera you think is better in the filming of the video there are improvements on the camera front as well as technical features such as water resistance at a rate of Republic special military, the price is about $ 900 .

This was the best the 11 phone but there is worth the entry list honor as a hobby using gold Google Pixel 3XL we excluded this phone from the main menu because it is not available in the Arab region for sale but only via the internet, Mate 20 x , Sony xperia XZ3 , Xiaomi Mi 8 , Nokia 8 sirocco , Asus Zenfone 5z , LG G7 , Galaxy A8 , Oppo R15 Pro , OnePlus 6 , Xiaomi Mix 2s , Black shark helo 2 , Asus Rog , Razer 2 , Galaxy S9 , Honor 10 , Honor Note 10 , LG V35 ThinQ , ZTE Axon 9 Pro .

Best phones 2018 in the world and their prices

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