Best phones 2018 in terms of battery life

Looking many of for phone last for a whole working day without the implementation of its battery rapidly, given the increasing attention to this recently, I will offer you today a review of the best phones of 2018 in terms of battery life.

Believe the battery life on many factors other than capacity, which includes both the type and the screen resolution, the software, the number of sensors and even how intelligent phone to maintain energy, which is why it was the experience of all these phones on the level of brightness the same, and here are the results:

Got Huawei Mate 20 as we can see on the title of flagship phone offers the longest battery life this year, and after that continued to work for 14 hours and 26 minutes, which is double the battery life of a number of other flagship phones, it also supports fast charging and comes with a head sash supportive of this technique in advance.

This is in the third place came the iPhone Xr which can have its battery withstand up to 11 hours and one minute, which means that it can work without charging for two days, connected to, while he came upon F1 from Shaw in the third place, having withstood its battery 10 hours of continuous work to share the OnePlus 6T ranked the same after I continued working for 9 hours and 52 minutes.


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