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أفضل تطبيقات لوحة المفاتيح لأجهزة آيفون وآيباد

See a lot of users of devices Apple mobile either iPhone or iPad that the virtual keyboard is not the appropriate option for them, especially with the availability of many applications of keyboards that offer advantages and features of the fascinating and informative.

Cut apps keyboard third-party on devices iPhone and iPad have come a long way since the beginning of its appearance with the second version of the operating system iOS – iOS 8. They are more reliable and offer new features such as writing scroll gesture typing, images, animated GIF, and automatic correction symbols, emoji emoji, autocorrect, search the web and much more, in addition they include a large range of features and customization options of the font.

How to install external keyboards on the operating system iOS iOS:

After you download the keyboard application that you want to use it you must do it through the phone settings before you can start using it by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings Settings
  • Click on the option in General
  • Click on the keyboard option Keyboard
  • Then tap on the option Keyboard Keyboards and choose Add New Keyboard Add New Keyboard
  • Then click on the name of the keyboard and access the full

أفضل تطبيقات لوحة المفاتيح لأجهزة آيفون وآيباد

To switch to a new motherboard, open the keyboard in any application, then click and hold on the ball button, select the keyboard newly installed from the list to switch to it.

Here’s the best of the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad:

1 – application of the Gboard

The Gboard from Google the best keyboard app ever, it gives you many of the basic features such as options for the autocomplete magnificent writing scroll gesture typing, images, animated GIF, emoji emoji and stickers as well as the advantages of specialization brilliant, in addition to the integration of the Google search engine within the keyboard, and the possibility of Turkish while writing.

Often open the Safari browser to search for something on Google and share the link in the chat, with the application of the Gboard, you can press the button G in the plate Gboard and start searching, also you can change your search to YouTube and Google Maps also.

You can also change the characteristic appearance with the Gboard to dark dark theme or landscape, or create one using your photo as the background.

The app is available for free to all users of the iPhone and iPad through the Store iTunes.

2 – the application Fleksy

Think Fleksy keyboard based on the scrolling gesture-based keyboard, you write them just by clicking on the keys, but everything else works using the slider, you can swipe to the left for words, or swipe up to add new words to the dictionary, or the slider on the space bar to switch between languages.

So is Fleksy, one of the fastest keyboards in terms of typing once you get used to scrolling, and additionally contains the painting on the Special Research on the web and search for video and audio support animated GIF symbols and emojis created directly. If the features of the board Gboard suit you and you want to avoid Google for privacy reasons, the alternative to better his plate Fleksy.

Containing this color also on the extras, so you can add a one-hand mode, and you can insert a keyboard shortcut hotkeys panel where you can add shortcuts for phrases, emoji frequently used.

Users can also change the distribution of keys in the panel, remove the spacebar to save space, or even make the keyboard invisible.

The app is available for free to all users of the iPhone and iPad through the Store iTunes.

3 – the application Go Keyboard

Is keyboard Go Keyboard is one color and customizable where you can customize the background of personal lines and tones, and contain more than 1000 characteristic appearance and themes, and the number of its users more than 200 million users.

After installing the application go to Section Category explore the manifestations colorful or Dynamic or static, also supports Go Keyboard typing by swiping, emoji and emoji, but it does not support GIF animations.

Supports many languages, even 40 different languages including the Arabic language, in addition to auto-correction and next-word prediction and.

You can through the app to create your avatar that look just like you avatar creator, you can also share your avatar with your friends in the messaging apps and spices such as iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The app is available for free to all users of the iPhone and iPad through the Store iTunes

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