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Amazon prime day is the one day task that requires many users, and because of the important events occurring each year and look to challenge in the months to come; for being like Black Friday but products Apple excess, you can buy everything you want reductions on all the exhibits, and the importance of this event we decided to share all the information you’ll need to know about the beginning of the schedule and even how you can get better deals through in this article.

  • When does it start Amazon Prime day this year?

Due to the strength of the purchase because of the existing nurses to this event, it takes the duration suitable for everyone, start from the middle on the sixteenth of this month until the end of the day on the sixteenth of July, so we have equipped a list of your purchases from now; so you don’t miss anything.

  • What is Amazon prime day?

Is one of the most important global events which will become as quick as Black Friday, an event dedicated to health, happens on Amazon especially for the customers of the category Prime on it, it is where many of the deals of purchase and sale and the contracts that are up for the millions in this day, and if you want to participate in this today and get its features you have to be a member of the category mentioned on the site to pay an amount up to £79/ $119 a year, and if you’re not sure of the registration on the website or you’re interested in the site only, you can subscribe for a month just to experience the site without paying any money.

  • What do you expect from Amazon Prime day this year?

Come to us the event in its fourth edition this year which will be more impressive after adding more time, the last year has been three hours only, this wasn’t enough for everyone, making it the company’s longest to-year to thirty-six hours continuously for the convenience of the customers and get deals distinctive and fascinating to them.

Tell Amazon that event the previous year was so great, where was record-breaking that occurred on any day of reductions in any of the other sites, they also referred to this today grow up year after year and expects that there is a growing demand this year by 60% from the previous year, in addition because it will be more interesting and fun than others.

  • Best deals in Amazon Prime day

Big event there has come time and you’ll come up with the best deals which you won’t regret it surely, always available for Amazon some of the pages that you can see it already on Amazon Orime day Hub.

Although we did not see Apple products displayed even now there are many shows appropriate and compliant with your needs for example music, Amazon gas Limited is only $ 44p for a period of four months, The also Kindle Unlimited is available for three months without a paid subscription, and through which you can access millions of e-books that you can read it on your Apple device.

Also participated and offered Amazon some of the pages quickly and that will be addressed today, including the following:

Discount up to 30% on products for Sony and Canon cameras.

Discount up to 30% on projectors.

Discount up to 30% on headphones.

Although Apple itself is not participating in the exhibition but there are many other companies that can participate in it for it is within these companies:

  • Argos
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Currys PC World
  • Debenhams
  • GAME
  • Ebuyer
  • John Lewis
  • Mobile Phones Direct
  • Very
  • Zavvi

.And many of the other companies that will better their offers certainly through event

You should be aware that The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the products that she sought last year, which I accept we have many buyers from all over the world, where they have been sold by the thousands within minutes, this makes gas a sudden they are sold now $ 34.99/$34.99 .

In addition to this there was cuts on the headphones and Fitbits and also the speakers.

It was also gold in the arena to participate in the Amazon Prime day this year to register with the site to be a part of it, and then make sure the method of payment the reason for the recommendation to get what you want today with ease.

If you want a product has been sold you have to put your name on the waiting list may be available after a few minutes or eating dip and another person purchased, in addition to having a button to follow this post to get notifications about the availability of it after that.

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