Best comotto of the week: lightning of Jupiter and other

Planets, planets everywhere! The only question is where we go this week. First visit the small dwarf planet, which is pretty close to the Ground. NASA’s space probe Dawn is chasing Ceres in 2015, watching her bright icy mountains and strange impact craters. Moving on, we will visit Jupiter, where “Juno” noticed a very interesting lightning. In 1979 they were also observed by Voyager. It turns out that most of Jupiter’s thunderbolts really similar to our native terrestrial lightning, but that’s the Jupiter, their activity is concentrated at the poles.

Finally, another object — one of the 53 moons of Saturn, Tethys. This rocky ball is littered with the scars left from the objects that encountered its surface for millennia. These traits surface not only looks, but also can help scholars to understand the history of the moon, as it was in the early days of the Solar system.

The Lightning Of Jupiter

Tethys, one of the 53 moons of Saturn

Lutetia, an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter

Photo of Jupiter taken by the probe “Yunona”

The Surface Of Ceres

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