Best Chromebook tablets the beginning of 2019

Chrome OS has gradually won the trust of users. Last but not least thanks to the quick work and very worthy of optimization. This operating system is performing well as powerful equipment and assemblies with not the most top-end configuration. So far in the tablet market almost completely ruled by Apple with its iPad, but infinitely so could not continue and tablets into Chrome OS in the future may oust the brainchild of Apple company, moreover, some of them not inferior to iPads today. About the most interesting devices we would like to tell you today.

Yes, Chrome OS is still not as rampant as the same Android but with the growing popularity draws the attention of more and more manufacturers are released to the market decent products. In order to avoid confusion in the future, prices for tablets are indicated in US dollars.

Price: $400-$500
X2 HP Chromebook is the first Chromebook tablet on the market with a detachable keyboard. That is, it can be used without an accessory, just like any other tablet. And inconvenience in operation, you will experience. Both modes work perfectly optimized. In addition, the screen of the gadget is sensitive to the pressure that will be useful to professional artists.

Google Pixel Slate

Price: $799
The first tablet on Chrome OS from Google is a very ambitious product. Also? as the previous model has a “detachable” screen. As a plus — proprietary software from the search giant and the ability to quickly get an OS upgrade. The truth here is, the price of “bite”.

Acer Chromebook Tab

Price: $320
This tablet may well be attributed to the class of “public sector”. Unlike the creations of Google and HP, with a diagonal of 12.3 inches and we’ve “only” 9.7 inch. The manufacturer positions the model as a tablet for students, but no one bothers to use it to perform everyday tasks.

CTL Chromebook Tab Tx1

Price: $299
The tablet is roughly the same price category as a Chromebook from Acer, and positioning the same to him. The price of tens of dollars lower, and in the kit there is also a stylus. The price is only current at the time of writing, as is the cost of pre-order. A subsequent batch may be more expensive.

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