Best apps to transfer files between Android smartphones

Wireless file transfer quite evolved over the past 15 years. Oldfagi will almost certainly remember how it was “fun” to throw each other pictures, videos or music with an infrared port. Not only that, it took forever, and any incorrect movement of the telephone could interrupt the file transfer and had to start all over again. But today, with this much better. And if you use a special app to share files for you pleasure.

Android has a rich Arsenal of tools to transfer files

The contents

SHAREit — Share with all

Thanks to more than 1.8 billion downloads, SHAREit is one of the most popular application to transfer files through Wi-Fi. And here objlen not limited to photos and videos. You can even give each other some applications. There is also quite an interesting option: after pairing the devices, displays the files available for transfer. Thus, recipients can choose the files they wish to upload without the need for the sender to fabricate each of them separately.

Download: SHAREit

Portal — Teleportation is already here

Portal allows you to transfer individual files and even entire folders with other users. This app is for sharing files on Android uses Wi-Fi Direct to share files. Unlike most other applications for sharing files with PC, Portal requires no additional software, and this, in our view, a significant plus.

Download: Portal

Superbeam — Faster than the wind

Superbeam is, according to the creators, “the fastest application to share files”, which again uses Wi-Fi Direct. The program is quite beautiful in itself and even has support for dark themes. You can share files with other devices in three ways: scan a QR code to connect (QR codes included), to connect to each other via NFC or to enter a specially generated code.

Download: Superbeam

Xender — file Transfer multi-tasking

Xender stands out from competitors because it allows you to share any files with multiple devices (up to 4 pieces at a time). In addition, during the transfer of files you can simultaneously download something yourself with the devices of other users. And you have to support not only Android, but also iOS, Windows and MacOS. And all these platforms work perfectly and transmit data between them.

Download: Xender

AirDroid To manage Android from PC

AirDroid allows you to access your Android device wirelessly from your home computer. You can send and receive files from Android to PC and back at very high speeds. In addition, you can with a PC to send and receive messages and to access installed applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter (by the way, follow us on Twitter, there cool) and so on. In addition, you have the option to backup your photos and videos with your smartphone and upload them to the computer.

Download: AirDroid

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