Best apps to relax and help you to arrange the bedroom with ease

Everyone is trying to get a relaxing night’s sleep because sleep is an essential part of our daily lives there are many applications of relaxation that helps to get the magic way to sleep fast improve sleep patterns and all these apps fit in with IOS.

The application Sleep Cycle

This app of the best known applications to track The sleep process where you can through this application to identify your position during sleep and the analysis of my voice and identify the stages of sleep different as well as the possibility of opening the app and make sure the stage I woke up and set an alarm.

Download the application Sleep Cycle

Application Pillow

This app works to track Sleep System this as well as it provides an explanation of the tracking system of the heart and hit its way to the wrist as well as it serves to store all related data with which constitute the stages of sleep as well through the app can process audio recordings of a person during sleep through the identification of whether a person sounds during sleep or not which is suitable for people who suffer from anxiety about sleep habits.

Download application Pillow

Application Sleep Better

This app works on tracking mode and sleep beginning of the the position of the body on the bed and even over power cycles and various sleep and through it can issue an alarm sounds to awaken the person when any change through this app also can identify the nature of the anxiety and stress experienced by the individual depending on the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, stress levels and other things.

Download app Sleep Better

Apply AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

It is through this app is to get the maximum benefits of sleep tracking as this application is installed on the Apple watch relies on automatic tracking of a person during sleep this method depends on the automatic tracking of a person during sleep and follow a sleep pattern, as well as to highlight the feeling of a person change his mood as well as provide analyses pertaining to mood changes and nature of sleep cycles and the different and other, which clearly show that besides that the app can connect it to your smartphone in order to get the best benefits.

Download application AutoSleep Tracker

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