Best apps to manage passwords Password Manager Apps for Android!

Become apps manage passwords more and more popular, they have the ability to keep all your passwords in one place, using the mobile, you can get them at all times with the safety feature is reasonable, as you can also use passwords more complicated and less at risk without having to remember its all thanks to these applications, there are many managers of passwords on PCs and Macs and beauty, the following is here are the best apps to password manager for Android devices.

1Password is one of the most Manager passwords the ability to compete, as it has a lot of basic features, including password management (clearly), the creation of the password, and cross-platform with other operating systems, and more. The app also comes with password unlock and other features of development and Safety, says 1Password free trial version for 30 days to prepare for the experiments, and then after that you should subscribe to one of their plans paid.

aWallet is an apps password manager that has been around since a very long time, that stores the passwords, and banking information, and credit card information, the data is allocated if you need it, there is also a built-in search codes, custom and automatic lock, as there is even a password generator included, as well as it covers all the basic features, including AES encryption and Blowfish, it seems to do everything correctly, you can download the app for free and pay for the Pro version as a single purchase within the app.

Bitwarden is a new application to manage passwords surprisingly, it seems that the developers take this your word password management seriously, where the application includes AES encryption-256-bit, and PBKDF2-SHA-256, as the app is also completely free, and open source, you can host a server your password if you wish, but it’s called the API to Autofill in Android, it may be that this is the best application to manage passwords, which you probably never heard of it before, It’s easy to use among the best apps password manager free.

Dashlane is a password management application, as it has a decent number of features, with the characteristic of a good consultation, and a decent set of free features, and includes free version feature automatic alerts, packing, security, storage of up to 50 words of the passage, the possibility of use on a single device.

As there are two kinds of contributions to the excellent, where the first option at the price of $ 4.99 per month to upgrade the password storage and sync the device to the unlimited while adding control of the dark web and a VPN high-speed, it also adds the option to the second category of $ 9.99 per month credit monitoring service, support for the restoration of identity, and a million dollars in insurance, identity theft, however, most of the people are being well served by using the version of password manager free as long as they don’t want it on their computers in addition to their mobile devices.

Enpass is a password manager strong passwords to a large extent, it covers the basic advantages, as available by the desktop versions for Mac and PC and Linux, besides, the application can backup and restore your information, and includes encryption 256-bit AES, and decorate the statute, and you can even import from managers of other passwords to facilitate migration, you can also make it fills in passwords automatically to Google Chrome if you use this browser. You can download and use free of charge through a single payment of $ 9.99 USD to unlock everything. They also have a pilot application and is currently working on testing new features.

Keepass2Android is one of the core applications to manage passwords, and has the basic features that a user needs, it also provides feature to copy the password backup, however, he doesn’t have a lot of features to the most complex that has many rivals, but the application is free and completely open source, depends on the code Keepassdroid (he is the director of another excellent) and they are compatible with each other.


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