Best apps to follow the World Cup 2018 in Arabic, on iPhone and iPad

We’re at the gates of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the sports event will be watched by millions of people around the world for a month starting tomorrow on Thursday.

What makes this wedding no matter in the Arab world is the participation of four Arabic, which in the previous history, and talk about all of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

If you are interested to get news of the 2018 World Cup in Arabic used your iPhone or iPad from Apple, this is possible, there are apps that provide this service to the users.

These applications that we will in this article provide news content in Arabic, and among the best apps available on the App Store for this purpose.


  • Application out of Kooora

If you’re usually sports sites and relay the news of the football world and it is sure you know the location out of Kooora.

And anyone who doesn’t know this site which has millions of hits and popularity of the sweeping, it’s the result of hard work since its founding in 2002 at the hands of Bahrain’s Khalid al-dosari.

The site is focused on the news of the Football World, Arab and European, was able to reach tennis and other sports in recent years.

The site has an integrated application on the app store, which offers the same as the content of the site, but according to the attractive design integrated with the design of the site.

Features of this app that provides you access to the news and news content which is added to the site around the clock by a team of editors, bloggers, content creators and translators.

Not only does the app this it covers the news, events, players, coaches and rumors and reports and analyses all this in Arabic.

And don’t forget that it also focuses on posting video clips of the nominations, events, goals, and stories from football history and a review of numbers and data.

This allows you to apply out of Kooora identify the matches and the product of its addition to the upcoming matches and the rule of every game and every minute detail during the matches.

Can proceed without stop or interruption the latest news, videos, and Quick-match results of the various fine details and numbers of the statistical moment-to-moment with the service of Super intelligent notifications and alerts.

You can download the app from here


  • The application of unemployment

Is Application famous building is the other site known in North Africa and the Middle East, and what makes it distinct from the other apps in this list is that it offers not only news and reports and allows you to see the results but also allows you to broadcast live free to games.

The content of the app covers the matches of different leagues including La Liga and the Arab as well as European and, of course, also will miss the World Cup 2018.

The organizers of the application to add the news and abstracts in addition to the reports and details of various games and there will be special attention to the news events of the Arab participation in the World Cup in order to allow the news that wants to Arab readers read.

It contains the application on the schedule of daily matches and coming as well as broadcast the results of matches in addition to the use of alerts to alert you to the latest news and events.

There are also dozens of videos that is added when you can share your opinion about the matches and events are different.

You can download the app from here


  • Application Eurosport wagon

Network News-European content-providing news in the field of sports and coverage of the various areas and news, and in recent years has launched the Arabic version of its website as to its orientation towards the provision of content to viewers and readers and fans sweat.

In short it became the location of these young people work of the most famous Sporting sites in the region, given the experience enjoyed by the institution that stands behind this project.

The app offers news, reports, press releases along with articles detailed match statistics as well as news for coaches, players and national teams.

And also posting videos, promotional videos, goals that are recorded as well as the assessment of the refereeing errors.

You can specify the branch that you’re interested in or encourage them to receive the news own first, and for the record is published more than 100 experts and 30 videos a day also confirms the organizers of the site.

The operators of this app coverage and 2018 FIFA World Cup.

You can download the app from here


  • Application to Tue

The site of the golf popular also in the field of sport and football in general, it focuses mainly on local periodicals in the beginning, but quickly expanded to cover news of football European and world.

Coverage of the 2018 World Cup strongly present on this app through the reports, news and detailed to add to the news and reports that are published.

Will focus the site on news events of the Arab common, and we talk about Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Tunisia in addition to Morocco.

And other features provided by the application we find:

You can from the main page navigate between news and the outcome and dates of the major tournaments of local, regional and international levels, the most detailed analyses.
Live coverage and direct the matches of selected teams from major tournaments
The latest sports news and possible options with the Star of the game
You can share your comments on the news and analysis website directly from the phone.

You can download the app from here


  • Application of the night shuo. the

Not apps to get content news it is a streamlined application that lets you identify the fixtures, which provides general details about each game in addition to details about the football teams competing.

It is the details that helps your application to identify them find the fixtures and stadiums that will host in addition to timing channels that will sell those games.

You can download the app from here


  • Mobikora – soccer results

Another application available on the app store, which provides users with the robustness of the results in actual time, covering the different leagues and tournaments.

Everyone in the app it is not only the dates of the matches added to the main detail but also gives the stats for the acquisition and mistakes repayments on the net and comparison in performance between the two teams.

As he knows your on carrier channels for the match, and of course presents to add to the above the news content of the news first the first.

It is the region that covers the matches of the 2018 World Cup and focus on the news events of the Arab common.

You can download the app from here


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