Best apps to edit documents and manage individuals, teams

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أفضل تطبيقات تحرير المستندات وإدارتها

Became everybody now owns a smart phone can manage many daily tasks without the need for laptop or desktop computer, but most smart phones do not have any option to edit and modify documents, if you are a student or working in one of the areas that require you to manage documents, it has become very easy to manage or create, view or edit any document through your smart phone once you install one of the apps to edit documents.

Here are the best apps to edit documents and manage individuals and teams:

1 – Google Docs

أفضل تطبيقات تحرير المستندات وإدارتها

Considered the application of Google Docs Google Docs of the best apps to edit documents according to the opinions of users where the number of times you install this app via the Google Play Store just over a half a million times, and became Google Docs now alternative is the most flexible Microsoft Word.

Enjoy the app many features including:

  • Completely free for personal use
  • Save all changes automatically while typing
  • Availability of editing options and design allowing you to customize the document to better than ever
  • Many of the users of the amendment and comment and chat through the document at any time and from any place
  • Continue to record the previous version, which shows you old versions of the document with the identification of the changes
  • Allows application documents modification is easy via your phone, tablet, also, with no need for permanent connection to the internet
  • Faced with a variety of templates, it is suitable for reports and resumes, and much more
  • Support many of the plugins in the list of Add-ons that help increase productivity and ease of use
  • Supports dealing with your edited files to Microsoft Word

Google Docs free for personal use, but if you want to use it as part of the G Suite for commercial activities you will have to subscribe.

The app is available for free to all users of Android devices on store Google Play lose iPhone, iPad, and cross-shop iTunes.

2. application Documents by Readdle

أفضل تطبيقات تحرير المستندات وإدارتها

The application Documents by Readdle is one of the best applications to manage documents and files to users of the operating system iOS, and allows the user to view any kind of document, including iWork documents, Microsoft Office and PDF files and music directly on the iPhone and iPad.

As it thinks this app is the best manager of files on iPhone and iPad, in addition to view the documents you can open zip files, PDF files, photos, and download music in mp3 format, watch movies, and supports the quick search feature to help you find the data you need quickly.

You can through this application access all your files via cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive or Box or others, and place one in addition to that, you can work directly from the cloud without the need to download files from the cloud storage service on your device.

With this app you can do whatever you want with your documents, it is great features that you may find helpful during reading is the ability to add annotation to the document.

The app is available free for users of the iPhone and iPad through the Store iTunes, but unfortunately not available for users of Android devices.

3. Apply Blubeam Revu

أفضل تطبيقات تحرير المستندات وإدارتها

The application Blubeam Revu add custom applications Microsoft Office from word applied Excel colorpoint PowerPoint, and even Outlook Outlook, In addition to programs AutoCAD common, and users can create PDF documents, modify and cooperation with.

This application lets you customize the formatting, fonts, margins, pages, and perform color-processing, evaluation of PDF files into sections, and extract pages, and destruction, and export all your work as documents Word editable.

One of the most important features this app contains a feature called batch processing that allows users to apply changes across multiple levels at one time.

The app is available for users of tablet iPad just across the Store iTunes price of $ 9.99, but it is unfortunately not available for users of Android devices, and offers him a copy of the Mac users waste Windows operating system.

4. application of Microsoft Teams

أفضل تطبيقات تحرير المستندات وإدارتها

There is no doubt that everyone is familiar with the package Microsoft Office the platform Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams are popular, it has less, and is considered as a space of collective work that allows users of the program Microsoft Office cooperation with through her, and her application on the operating system Android and iOS and web, it should be noted that the Microsoft Corporation had allowed them a free copy through this year.

Allows Microsoft Teams to the users the possibility to view documents and edit them directly within the app, participate in voice and video calls, and display the records of the talks in peace talks similar to the e-mail, and other nurses the other.

Can also customize the service to suit each team individually through the creation of tabs for documents that are frequently accessed or cloud services used regularly.

The app is available for free to all users of Android devices on store Google Play lose iPhone, iPad, and cross-shop iTunes.

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