Best apps Ramadan 2018 phones iPhone computers iPad

There are a lot of applications that Muslims can use during the month of Ramadan or even in any time of the year, of course, there are users demand more on these religious apps during the holy month of Ramadan, is what makes us know this article is for owners of iPhones, computers, iPads.

In this article we esteemed readers best apps of Ramadan 2018 phones iPhone computers iPad which we have chosen carefully.


  • Application Muslim Pro Muslim Pro

One of the best apps of Ramadan 2018 phones iPhone, computers, iPad, and is recognized Pro which is used by more than 40 million Muslims all over the world the best application to learn the prayer times and athan, and includes the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics and translations and readings audio, as well as specific kiss, and don’t forget the Islamic calendar, a map of Halal restaurants and mosques, etc.

These other advantages offered by the application:

  1. Athan: notifications visual and sound inviting cross with many of the sounds of the muezzin to choose from
  2. Times of fasting (imsak and Iftar) during Ramadan
  3. Prayer times access directly from the menu of the day from the machine
  4. The Holy Quran with recitations Audio (mp3, audio and subtitles
  5. Intonation to help you improve your pronunciation while reading the Qur’an
  6. Feature praise, to calculate the dhikr and praise of your
  7. Halal restaurants and mosques locations around you
  8. Qibla Compass animated map to show you the direction to Mecca
  9. Complete Hijri calendar Muslim provide the dates such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha
  10. Names of Allah
  11. Greeting cards Islamic beautiful
  12. Fortress of the Muslim
  13. Calculator zakat

You can download the app from here


  • Application Ramadan Ramadan 2018

The application of one Islamic Ramadan 2018 with multiple features such as prayer times for Muslims with feature Azan, qibla Compass with distance, times Ramadan calendar, Ramadan, the prayers of Ramadan, the Islamic calendar, date Converter Hijri, the most beautiful names. With nearly 6 different features which help all Muslims in daily life.

The app comes with more than 15 wallpaper you can change the interface Assembly designed to conform with all iPhones including iPhone EXE.

The application also contains the Declaration, you can remove the advertising by only $ 0.99 if you want, a free application in full.

You can download the app from here


  • Application Quran Mp3 : Translations, Recitations, Reading

Application full Quran in multiple languages with translation interpretations, the Quran MP3 by more than 50 reciters and audio translation of more than 50 universal language.

It is representative of the other for this application we find:

  1. The whole Qur’an with all the market.
  2. Localization support means that it exists for Muslims speaking various languages.
  3. Read the Holy Quran in different languages such as French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu.
  4. Complete Surah Quran online with options to download for each verse or the entire Quran.
  5. Create a playlist to add the readings and translations to your favorites.
  6. Daily notification every day to change the time to meet the Holy Quran.

You can download the app from here


  • The application of the seal of the Khatmah

One of the most important objectives of the WHO fast during the holy month of Ramadan, it is the Qur’aan more than once for the paid adult, and the exploitation of empty times and during the night for this purpose.

With the application of the seal, has become the task of achieving this goal easier, as it provides the possibility to define the duration of the seal or the amount of pink you wish to read it daily, live goal setting which will give you access to it.

Features of the app:

  • Specify the time of daily product development with roses
  • Adhkaar for morning and evening and
  • Browse the Quran by the market or parts
  • Clock a day late and sure the cave on Friday
  • The possibility to display also the previous and next in addition to received today
  • The possibility to Watch Pink current networks

The application comes to the fate of high quality, as it includes clock for the vendor to read the Qur’an daily, and comes with features another all you can identify them by downloading the app from here


  • Application Athan Pro – Ramadan 2018

An integrated application for adhan, prayer times, which is dedicated to the prayer times and the time approached, which includes the ears of many of the beautiful sounds and actress.

The app displays prayer times and athan with great accuracy based on the geographical location of the user, it also provides you display the closest restaurants this for breakfast and super.

The application interface is software professional which supports the Arabic language along with international languages like English and French.

And other features in the application we find:

View the prayer times for the entire month in the template and so wonderful
View a calendar of the month of Ramadan in full
Review and read the hadith of the selected daily
Choose the widget you have quick access through Notification Center.
Calculate the prayer time accurately depending on your geographical location the flour by region
Sounds good Belch for the ears of the best muezzins around the world.
Praise sounds fantastic supports English, French
The statement of the direction of qibla according to your location
Get free apps as a Muslim and the Koran
Calendar with dates of holidays and religious events
The application of integrated SSH support with verbal in French and English
View azkar before, during and after the cross
Display 99 names of Allah with words and pictures
Review of mosques as well as the Halal restaurants nearest to you
Ability to customize image and wallpaper app.

You can download the app from here


  • The application of COPD – recipes Ramadan 2018

Is the month of Ramadan, an occasion to review the wives and moms their skills in cooking, and most of them view the new dishes tasty and different every breakfast and suhoor.

So we show you this app, which is one of the best apps cooking at the moment, which is that provides users of about 200 thousand recipe certified in cooking and desserts of different nationalities.

The app to access pictures, videos and text that help users understand the access and details.

Of the nurses that come by to App find search for a recipe and ask the cook about their ingredients and method of preparation through the chat feature; and save your favorite recipes “Bookmark” in one page to us when you want.

It is possible the other that comes to application we find:

  • Search for any recipe you like and ask the cook about their ingredients and method of preparation through the chat feature.
  • Save your favourite recipes in one page to us when you want.
  • Type ingredients in the search box to find any suitable recipe for you prepared several ways to choose the most suitable method for you.
  • Add a description of your own and share them with thousands of stores;
  • Browse the list of recipes according categories: recipes Reggie the and healthy recipes and Dale, recipes GCC, Moroccan recipes are user, recipes, ornaments and sweets, entrees and pastries, salad, sandwiches, soup and others.
  • Share any recipe with family and friends via social media sites.

You can download the app from here


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