Best apps keyboard to share animated GIF images for iPhone and iPad

It seems that animated GIF images are one of the most common thing that people are sharing these days apart from ordinary photos. Whether on social media or in text messages.

If you are looking in Google, you’ll see a lot of GIFs of the theme you need. You here is a collection of the best apps consoles that provide you suggestions for animated GIF to choose from for my iPhone and iPad.

I know of

Giphy, The GIF Search Engine

أفضل تطبيقات لوحات المفاتيح لتبادل الصور المتحركة GIF

Probably be heard on the application Giphy, which is one of the biggest apps GIF. Of course, it provides a keyboard for your iOS device, which is already good.

You can access the keyboard in the messages or mail or anywhere you want. Browse photos or run a quick search using a keyword, then click on the image of the GIF that you want and then paste it into the text field.

Offers Giphy posters, animated text and symbols expressive in addition to the ability to save your favorites through a free account.

Besides the keyboard, the app works alone on your device. You can search for GIF images and send them directly from the app, or create and upload GIFs to your.

Available for free on the Store App Store.

GIF Keyboard

أفضل تطبيقات لوحات المفاتيح لتبادل الصور المتحركة GIF

GIF Keyboard is another terrific option to find GIFs and share them. You can browse the GIF images are common or the search for one particular by using a search key word.

Click the picture of GIF that you want to use and add a caption to it before you send it if you want. You can also add GIF images to the list of your favorites, include them in the package, or get the direct links don’t publish them quickly to Twitter or Facebook. You can switch back to the normal keyboard within the app GIF Keyboard is also a single click.

Like Giphy, works GIF Keyboard also as a standalone application where you can browse images of GIF, search, save them in addition to raising your own images in the free account.

Available for free on the Store App Store.


أفضل تطبيقات لوحات المفاتيح لتبادل الصور المتحركة GIF

I don’t think Fleksy keyboard GIFs such as keyboards, located here. Because it allows you to search the web with services such as Yelp and YouTube. But it also provides the option to search GIF images with compact keyboard own.

Find the GIF images that you want simple. When you open the keyboard, tap on the search icon, and when Show Keyboard apps, such as Spotify وYelp YouTube, click GIF. You can then enter a key word search or browsing through the categories.

Available for free on the store, the App Store, with in-app purchases.

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