Best apps keyboard for Android devices

Select your preferred keyboard may be the most important options available to you on Android phones, where you can select the keyboard appropriate for you in terms of speed and accuracy to better, and in this article you will find the best apps keyboards available on Android.


Keyboard Gboard is one of the best apps available on Android for obvious reasons: the predictions are wonderful for machine learning, easy access to the content of Moving Picture packs, posters and a dictionary associated with your account Google, and more.

The team behind this app keep adding a large range of features that benefit the users, and made available for free. Where you can create a Moving Picture of your own on the keyboard and share them with your friends easily.

Most importantly, do not hide the Gboard any features or options, under the pretext of payment or advertising to get them, so they better keyboard free for Android.

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SwiftKey keyboard has always been the same level of Gboard, but in the recent period, unable to think and control on the top. Where is a major player between keyboards on Android for years.

SwiftKey keyboard is still excellent, although it is not the best ever, but it’s excellent enough, especially the free version, where there is a paid version also.

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The colors of this keyboard adapts to every application you use, where you control the colors to blue if you use Twitter, and turn to green if you use Spotify and turns to red if you use Gmail, and so on.

There’s even a mode a night will lead to darken the colors of the keyboard at night or all the time if you customize it.

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