Best apps for live wallpapers on Android

With the development of the capabilities of smart phones, has become the live wallpapers do not affect the speed performance of the devices expected the Supreme Leader, though they actually affect the battery life was charging his phone a day will not suffer from the problem, so, here’s the best apps for live wallpapers.


One of the best app in live wallpapers black appropriate screen Olid, characterized by backgrounds provide fantastic shapes of bright spots, can move the phone to look at a different angle.

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Features to provide the live wallpapers is suitable for Olid, and show the same great quality on LCD screens as well, be background patterns, three-dimensional lights new can be checked and lose the style of several directions also.

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One of the best apps backgrounds fixed and living, and offers you several sections to explore the backgrounds by classification, application completely free, but requires you often watch a video ad short to allow the use of live wallpapers.

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Live Wallpaper Loops

Features of the app provide live images of moving some of its parts only, where the user can set the moving part of the page, and upload a photo of his own to live images, although it does not offer images of very high quality, it is characterized by a lower consumption of the battery.

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3D Wallpaper Parallax 2018

The application shall be considered in the design of his live wallpapers on the Compass sensor of the device to provide a three-dimensional effect is awesome.

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Particle Live Wallpaper n Play

The app offers options to create the effect of the attractive of the colored granules on the cell, so that the effect when you touch the screen.

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Zero Live Wallpaper

The app offers a fantastic collection of live wallpapers designed three-dimensional, although it provides a small set of backgrounds, they are characterized by higher precision.

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The app allows you to add the effect of rain to any image from your photos and turn them into a vivid picture three-dimensional.

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Holo Droid

Allows you to add information to the RAM consumption and processor heat to the battery as part of the live wallpaper.

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