Best Apple water-beam or Samsung en image is?

Unveiled the Apple unveiled the money sync with the launch of the iPhone X last September, then Samsung made its own version of EN image most closely resembles the human being and made called large. At the WWDC conference last came the reply from Apple to disclose the water-beam in iOS 12 is a new version and The of money to be reliable and customize it until you get the desired shape. What similarities or differences between the AR name, and the water-beam and which is better and more advanced?

من الأفضل أبل مي-موجي أم سامسونج AR إيموجي؟

Same, available in the Messaging app and ty on the iOS system 12, a emoticons like the animation can be moved such as money entirely using the camera TrueDepth in iPhone X. given that those fields money and-beam requires the potential of the camera three-dimensional to simulate the facial expressions, they are only limited to the iPhone X. The good news is that it is rumored that future devices will get that feature including iPad Pro 2018 and every iPhone next by either LCD or OLED. The advantage of the AR image which fell short of its Samsung devices the Galaxy S9 they don’t need any special techniques in cameras and perhaps a reason to make it exclusive causes of advertising and marketing only.

Apple is offering in the “water-Mogi” point blank with a huge variety of customizable options and adjustment such as choosing skin color, hairstyle, head shape, shape of eyes and color of their eyebrows, nose and lips made facial hair and even freckles. You can merge all of those options and create a range of water-beam is possible, and you can save dozens of creations “Tilt-beam”.

While Apple says to make you busy in the allocation destination empty as you want, we find in contrast the advantage of EN image of Samsung has only one option which is wipe the face once to create a picture, like you automatically and then you can remix them later. And the experience water two says that the AR image provided by Samsung to add a carton less quality than the Apple, but in return they almost give for the features of the human loss see many like it.

In terms of use because Samsung does not use the tracking system three-dimensional face crime such as water-beam using the iPhone, the ability of the AR image to identify the facial expression and time is not advanced disease such as we see at Apple and there slow and delayed clear as well as there is no point of competition between the AR image and-beam when it comes to facial expressions knowledge such as tracking innuendo and tongue in iOS 12 where the fail Samsung greatly in doing this.

Watch a video review of the fast water two

Another video

Left for us to know the opinion of try those features and display the difference between them, how they trade with you? Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.



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