Best Android messaging apps are still not up to offspring Apple

Those who use OS Android for quite a long time and never used mobile OSes from Apple may not even realize how strong a difference exists between these platforms in this banal scenario, as messaging.

At that time, as iOS users are accustomed to using for their correspondence needs only one application that can provide all the necessary functionality, users “Green robot” to choose between multiple programs and even multiple pieces at once.

IPhone all just. Any device from kupertinovtsy comes preinstalled with iMessage. This application is completely protected, supports SMS and has a variety of functions, from useless to essential Animoji now any Memoji. The exchange of messages between users of iOS devices is simple, safe and convenient. The same can be said about Android users.

Since Android no standard app for messaging, users are forced to use multiple applications at once and remember which of their contacts are using one or another messenger. There are users for whom the first priority is the security of correspondence and then they have to ask those with whom they correspond, to use the secure messenger. If the user is an important functional of simultaneous use in a single application and SMS messages sent via the Internet, it will have to be reconciled with the lack of privacy of correspondence and so on.

Each messenger on Android have their pros and cons, but none of them can be a real analogue of iMessage with iOS, and here’s why.

WhatsApp Messanger (Safe but does not support sending SMS)
Signal (Safe, supports SMS, but you have to persuade your friends to install it to be able to communicate with them)
Facebook Messanger (Supports sending SMS and installed many, but recent scandals surrounding the company, cast doubt on its safety)
VK Messanger (Not safe, don’t support SMS, but is almost everyone)
Telegram (Safe, does not support SMS, but is almost everyone. The only problem he’s banned in our country)

And what applications to exchange messages on Android do you use? Why these?
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