Best Android Games of the 2018

Attention to the companies global product for Android category of users of the fan of phone games, where the period has witnessed many of the versions which support segments treatment strong you download a lot of games, with processors and graphics advanced know Games the best photo and more obvious as possible, along with an internal memory and random label analysis of many games.

At the same time interest others issue android games variety can be downloaded on those phones and enjoy the experience of games end in excitement and fun, and in this topic we will act with the Best Android Games for 2018, and you can choose the best among them and downloaded on your phones and enjoy the experience exciting and fun.

Best Android Games for 2018

Game Crashland

أفضل ألعاب أندرويد لعام 2018

Of the best games that have won the admiration of a lot of users, it is a truck out on a trip to the intergalactic, landing the truck on a strange planet, starts the player in create a base on the planet, and helps save the world from the plot against the land of the alien planet, and the game on the properties of the weapons development, the development of the personality of the player, increased his energy to continue to build its base and its development.

Game Hearthstone

أفضل ألعاب أندرويد لعام 2018

Similar to this game a lot with the game Pokemon games or magic, says play the building cards, and play in various battles with other players, and fights a duel between the players gets winner of them won a lot of awards, fencing is made by throwing the cards or magic stones, or use a card an eccentric, or summon minions to control the duel and win, can tie the game on the phone with the computer and exchange the toys between them.

Game Pokemon Go

أفضل ألعاب أندرويد لعام 2018

Of the games that will be even more fun with the phones Android high specifications, you’ll see the game more clearly and with a player with more realism, they are of games the conscious enhanced, spreading the game from the phone screen for the real world, and become the icon of the game moving part in the prevention of through the screen of the phone.

Which of the games that won wide acclaim globally, but not supported by many phones at the time of issuance, but with versions that are witnessed by 2017 will enable the downloaded on most phones and enjoy access in the adventures of multiple increasingly difficult with every process to catch a Pokemon, where they start the adventure from where you start the game and go to the street and even places of life.

Game The Room series

أفضل ألعاب أندرويد لعام 2018

Of the games most fun and exciting and ambiguity, in a consecutive series of puzzles become increasingly difficult with time, and the game takes place in a series of rooms, you start in a room containing a collection of puzzles and things enigmatic, and requires to escape the room solve the puzzles own and find some mysterious things.

Solving puzzles is a way to win and competitors with the winning player gets to ways and means of Masada to move quickly in the game by helping to solve puzzles, although the game is exciting because of the mysteries of the past varied but the graphics and colors of the most important attractions for the players.


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