Best Android games and iPhone for the month of October 2018

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We can in this topic top 5 and featured for the month of October, and a general worthy of the call trade not been popular among pan users around the world and recorded numbers download high.

Best Android games and iPhone for the month of October 2018

Game Happy Glass

The idea to send and scroll to the pro stage this is in short what you have to do in this game where you have to draw a path walk on water to the empty cup and filled to the required, at each stage becoming increasingly difficult puzzle that you have inside of it where less water and become more complicated that you should think before you do anything, and more what distinguishes the game is the multitude of stages and levels and have harvested more than 10 million download and is free with a purchases inside of it on Android and IOS .

Download links

Android Happy Glass

Evo Happy Glass

Game My NBA 2K19

The game is targeting fans of basketball and the NBA especially, select the role you want to play and get to collect cards of your players, and personal with your favorite stars in order to challenge other players in different parts of the world and the establishment of initiatives with them, of course, winning would be the strongest of these you should do your best to make yourself the hero of the match, the game contains the equivalent of 400 cards available and choose what is best and use it in the defeat of your opponents, all this is available free of charge with purchases inside the game on Android and IOS .

Download links

Android My NBA 2K19

Evo My NBA 2K19

Game Age Of Magic

Graphics heroes and characters found in this game and the way you view on your enough to attract you to him and begin to collect the heroes and Legends of the game in order to upgrade the levels and prepare them for the most battles against your opponents, you have the opportunity to bring 50 of the most powerful Legendary Heroes, Tops to take you to the epic battles rapid tactical relies on strength and tactics more than anything else, you can also participate in tournaments organized throughout the day all week but despite this we think that the size of the game big up to 900 MB is very large compared with the potential of the game and is available free of charge on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .

Download links

Android Age Of Magic

Evo Age Of Magic

Game Hungry Dragon

Tops to control the dinosaur-hungry and flew in the direction of any food pop up this hunger and makes him the dinosaur is huge, but beware Not everything you find is edible, it may be a hot pepper may lose your strength can also be a bomb that may explode immediately near it so flew in the air and you take all the necessary precautions and try to hold out for as long as possible because this will tell you play in different environments also and the villages and forests and what to not., in addition, you will use several monsters are not easy to overcome and of course I must mention the graphics great game, You can experience it for free on Android and IOS with purchases inside the game .

Download links

Android Hungry Dragon

IPhone Hungry Dragon

Game Classroom Fighting

Combat game the idea of lighthearted and non-consumers of make you enjoy playing it in spite of its small size which does not exceed 10 MB where was her idea in an interview a classmate in the school and collected more points in limited time, but without being discovered you from the tip of the professor or director and if it will lower your score which will reduce your points as we have said previously, the idea of the game is spent they are a bit too often find a game that combines fighting and wit to this if you love this harmony you can try the game for free on Android .

Download link

Android Classroom Fighting

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Best Android games and iPhone for the month of October 2018

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