Best and worst trends of the smartphone market in 2018

Okay, in 2018 almost came to an end and it is possible to make certain conclusions not only our work but also the work of the smartphone manufacturers that have become the engines of innovation and trends this year. What chips can be called in 2018 the most successful and, conversely, the most failures? Let’s discuss and share opinions.

The cutout in the display

Many openly hatat the cutouts in the display, and they can understand, because you view the videos on this display is not very convenient, but even Redmi Note Pro 6, which I recently saw in the hands of his friend, made me a very positive impression. It seemed that in the hands of an expensive smartphone with trend display. It is difficult not to recognize the “Wow” effect at first glance, frameless, with a sweetheart neckline. Of course, it was an intermediate step, but you can not say that this period in the development of the devices was unsuccessful.

The hole in the display

This trend appeared only recently, and the first smartphone with a hole in the screen was Galaxy A8s. In my opinion, while this is the most trendy and cool smartphone from Samsung. After the Koreans came the guys from China in the face of Huawei, which proved to be Nova 4, externally and technically almost exactly like a Samsung device.


That’s what is really heartening is the appearance of the sliders as automatic or manual. The last option, in my opinion, more practical, and the form factor very attractive due to the absence of any holes and cutouts in the display.

Fast charging

This trend is growing every year, and every year on the market there are smartphones with amazing fast chargers. Currently the fastest-charging smartphone is the Oppo Find X Lambo Edition. Just 30 minutes smartphone can be charged up to 100% — an amazing result.


The big players finally reacted to the growing popularity of low-cost solutions. And if in 2017 at Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi were viewed as unstable players today doubt of their success there. Huawei offers cheap and high-quality solutions, but OnePlus and Xiaomi have conquered the West smartphones OnePlus 6T and Poco F1.

Surprisingly, I can’t remember any bad trends this year. They simply do not. Yes, strange it may seem, the rejection of a 3.5 mm headphone connector, but this is a normal trend in waiver wired data transfer. Bluetooth headphones is much more convenient to use, and from this point of view, the imposition on wireless clear.

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