Best action games for Android and iPhone the year 2019

Chill out and get ready for a confrontation, here are five action games .

First : the game Cover Fire

Graphics of this game and playing environment is of the most things that encourage you to complete them, as well as controls for easy control and power, your goal in this game is to search for each spring located in the middle and take them all with out with minimal losses to get five stars and go to the pro stage, with progress in stages, upgrade your guns and get guns and more power to you Commission, as you must also join the alliance to cooperate with your friends to reach the top, The game is available free of charge with purchases inside it for both Android and IOS .



Secondly : the game Death Race

The game inspired by the movie Death Race, the famous, and what sets it apart is that it combines all of car games and action games correction the perspective of the first person, you have to choose your car that you want to play them with a modified and customized fully according to your Duke live again and then will be in the environment of the game is full of risks and obtrusive that you have bypassed with the aiming on your opponent and addressing the need to to produce my strength and lose, all you have to do it one at a time so the task will be difficult, but at the same time interesting, the game is available for free on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .



Thirdly : the game Major Mayhem 2

Managed the company-the developer of this game that offers you an action game in the mold of cute and amusing, we’re talking here about the characters and the graphics the kind found in the game and that make you feel lively and active while you play, you have to stay alive for as long as possible, and progress in stages and play areas and also save the hostages the store. by eliminate all the enemies who stand in your way with your shotgun, there are more than fifty levels in the game include the five great battles have to be ready to win, the game is available free of charge with purchases inside it for both Android and IOS .



IV : Game Gun War

RAM to the size of the game does not exceed 60 MB, however some a very acceptable is one of the games aiming the perspective of the first person, that you can play it without having to contact the internet, featuring the task to shoot a lot that you have completed and up to 125 mission with more than fifty map and game environment is different and distinctive, in addition to this, there is a hin of weapons and guns that help you kill the spring’s and enemies, with a weapons upgrade system that make them powerful weapons, the game is available free of charge with purchases inside it for both Android and IOS .

GUN WAR Android

GUN WAR iPhone

Fifth : the game Sniper Fury

Not unreasonable to talk about action games without mentioning at least one game developer company Gameloft giant, and when we talk about games Gameloft an understanding of plan graphics and the GPU out, the amount of detail and precision in the graphics found in this game will make you doubt for one instant that you’re watching a movie real, the other is a game from a first person perspective multi-player, you compete against them and kill them to steal their resources and to survive and also to get great bonuses help you keep everyone that you can also chat with your friends within the game, And is available free of charge for both Android and IOS with purchases inside it .



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