Best 7 GPS apps and apps development for Android!

When we think about application development Navigation App, the first thing that comes to mind is typically Google Maps, it’s the app that is recommended by most people, it was Google to the top of the list of apps development especially over the past two years, however, there are a lot of different options if you don’t click on the Google Maps, and in this list, we’ll ask the best GPS apps options, apps development for Android!

BackCountry Navigator is an application development excellent for hikers, it’s application is very expensive but it offers you a number of topographical maps is not connected to the internet, it’s perfect for places that don’t exist in Internet services, as well as some fun features too, where you can add websites and bookmarks on the map, and display different types of tracks, and more, as it also has a few options, but gives you purchase the app the use is unlimited and without ads to apply, it’s a powerful application, but make sure you try it before you buy it it is expensive to some extent.

Is HERE WeGo one of the serious competitors a few Google Maps in the area of application development, it is characterized with simple and elegant with options charts all over the world, as you can download maps for offline use in your area, it also helps you in areas with intermittent connection to the internet, it also presents you information about traffic, maps, public transport, and you can customize them by saving places to get directions fast later, all these features are free to use.

MapFactor is one of the options apps the main development, and services development and features of the GPS, as it uses OpenStreetMap, which means that you can get free maps and not connected to the internet are updated monthly if you want it, as well as that, there are options for additional map also, but it may cost you money.

Some other features on Voice directions and guidance to cross-border situations two and three dimensions and topics of the day and night and more, as the application needs GPS this is also to support the work of countries around the world.

Undergone MapQuest for many of the processes of re-design over the years, however, they are the same service strong that we knew about since the first days of their issuance, and use normative guidance cyclical, there are also other features such as traffic updates initiative, and guidance re-routing based on traffic, the service to find cheaper petrol for cars, and you can even use it to call a tow truck if your car broke down.

Are both Google Maps and Waze GPS apps are excellent, they are also both affiliated with Google, where Google Maps kind of measuring stick for diversity applications, where they have a lot of sites, comments, communications, and photography on street-level for most sites, additionally, they contain a feature of access and you can download maps for offline use.

The application Waze is the application of more simple, it’s great to connect, especially on road trips or daily, as it uses the user data to show things such as traffic jams, Police sites, and other useful information. is another application that is free to move, it features maps offline, maps updated via OpenStreetMap, as there are also locations to put bookmarks, and in non-contact, traffic data, and support in all parts of the world, it’s application soon in competition with the Google Maps application, it’s also completely free application with no in-app purchases, as well as some of the ads.

OsmAnd is a different kind of application development, where the needs of people who want offline maps, where you can download a bunch of them, it also has the free version of the app for maximum download maps, but you can buy more downloads through in-app purchases, and includes some other features by the mobility step-by-step, and in non-contact, and maps for other things than driving, and more.

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