Best 6 accessories for iPhone 11

In another, the identity of the iPhone again. This time also, you can choose between 3 versions and they are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro in addition to iPhone 11 Pro Max, and if you want to get the maximum benefit from your new phone, you’ll need some accessories, including a wireless charger and disbelief and even converters that leave the Apple TV out of the box.

Headset Apple AirPods

Certainly, this is not the best wireless headset you can get, they are not flexible, and sometimes fall out of your ears. But, if you want a pair of wireless headsets that are easily iPhone, it is certainly better.

– Price: 159$
– For purchase: click here

Headset Beats Powerbeats Pro

Enjoy headset Beats Powerbeats Pro the same process of pairing the easy of the iPhone such as the AirPods, but it’s the best of the ear in terms of the difficulty of falling in addition to some of the elegant, such as the operating and pause the smart directing of calls. And most importantly, she looks much better than the AirPods.

– Price:$250
– To buy: click here.

CatTongue The Original Grip

Everyone who owns an iPhone to be familiar with what happens when the phone falls in the parking lot like. The glass in the phone is likely to break easily, this is the accessory of the most important what can get to protect the phone in case of falling which can be positioned at the back of the phone to assess the impact of the fall, it is waterproof, comes in many colors and designs.

– Price: 15$
– To buy: click here.

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