Best 5 apps to convert speech to text

Is apps convert speech to text is very important, especially if you are a student or in a profession in which you need to convert the interviews and voice memos to texts, where these applications can convert the recordings as important as the meetings, lectures to the text, so we show you today five of the best these apps.

1) Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

This app features the fact that it does not need to register an account with the ease of use is critical, despite the fact that downloading the app is free, but service to convert text to speech itself comes at a cost of$5.

App Store

2) Voicera A. I. Note Taker

Holds Voicera beautiful user interface easy to use, in addition to being loaded and use it 100% free.

Google Play | App Store

3) Audio Converter to texts

This application supports Arabic language, in addition to several other languages with the support of the amendment to the text and is completely free.

Google Play

4) chirp – transform your photos into a book.

The application features high-grade not only with the support of the Arabic language, but with the support of the various dialects also, in addition to being free and available for all phones.

Google Play | App Store

5) Voice Master

Comes Voice the Master one is extremely simple with the support of the Arabic language and the use is completely free, with the ability to share texts via WhatsApp or email.

App Store

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