Best 4 bracelets sports in the market

Became a fitness tracker and monitor physical activity and health available to accurately and effortlessly through the smart wristbands competing available in the market, and in this article we offer you a guide to lead us on the best 4 bracelets sports exist in the market.

Moov Now

Screen: no | heart rate: no | waterproof: Yes activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes, through the phone | battery life: six months | compatibility: Android / iOS سوارMOV NOW considered among the best in the world, comes at a low price in the range of $ 55, and offers a service to track daily activity, and features a battery with a long lifespan continue for six months. The device touch screen, Supports GPS service via smartphone, and comes with a stylish design waterproof and supports the tracking during the race and monitor sleep and other. [divider][/divider]

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Screen: Yes, 1.5-inch amold | heart rate: Yes | waterproof: Yes activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes, through the phone | battery life: 3 days | compatibility: Android / iOS Didn’t Samsung enormous changes in the lineup are the smart since the launch of the Gear fit 2, but there are a number of improvements added to the bracelet Gear Fit 2 Pro which comes with a premium design and amold beautiful displays various statistics related to physical activity clearly. The device also comes with a GPS service built-in so you can leave your phone at home during a go to, it also has the device sensor heart rate in addition to supporting activity tracking during the race, too, at a price of $ 199. [divider][/divider]

TomTom Spark 3

Screen: Yes, monochrome | heart rate: Yes | waterproof: Yes activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | battery life: two weeks | compatibility: Android / iOS Bracelet features a Spark 3 with the broadcast of music without having to phone through Bluetooth headsets, and provides services for activity tracking features GPS Built-in, supports a Heart Rate Monitor. The device comes with maps which makes the bracelet perfect to wear while jogging in unknown areas for the user to discover new places, at a price of $ 129. [divider][/divider]

Huawei Band 2 Pro

Screen: Yes | Tracker heart rate: Yes | waterproof: Yes activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | battery life: 21 days in standby mode | compatibility: Android / iOS Bracelet Huawei Panda 2 Pro is a device to track Fitness is small and sleek and provides a good amount of information related to physical activity, as it possesses a account to monitor the heart rate, and sensitive to monitor sleep and you battery hold up for a long time and know the clear information. If you are looking for a device that gives you the gauges completely accurate, this bracelet is not for you, but if you want to get the bracelet features more features available in the market for the lowest possible price then this bracelet is an excellent choice at a price in the range of $ 69.

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