Best 4 apps to experience the slow-motion hacks

One of the most prominent advantages of a camera phone my Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the SLO-Mo Super, at the rate of 960 frames per second at the resolution of HD.

That feature wasn’t in the paper where provided by Sony earlier Xperia XZ premium we reviewed it on our Channel youtube, but this is all done via software with the camera, which can be obtained via special applications in the Play Store and Apple App Store, so we can here best you.

1) Slow Motion Video FX

You can choose between the videos saved in the studio or filming videos again for effect, then share the article via social media platforms such as YouTube into. It offers options to address the delay of the video, but you may have to buy some of these options.

Google Play | Apple Store

2) Videoshop – Video Editor

Coupled with the impact of slowing down the video, the acceleration feature of the video. And you can control the speed of the effect and add sounds or background music. It also provides simple options to download the video from the adjustment of lighting, contrast, saturation, merge two clips in one video. After the completion of video creation you can create a moving image to share on social media platforms.

Google Play | Apple Store


3) Video-Slow Reverse Player

Offers the effect of slowing down the video speed up video, and you can use them with the video reverse feature so that actuation of the end to the beginning. You can see the result as an animated GIF via social media platforms. But, to get rid of various ads will require the purchase of a pro version.

Google Play


4) Slo Pro

Can users iPhone, iPad, and slow down the video at a rate of 1000 frames per second, also supports video acceleration and share it on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. You can control as much effect, as you can jump from mode delay to put the accelerator.

Apple Store

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